Laal Ishq: 13 Tiny Horror Tales That Will Give You Goosebumps

Ashutosh Oak

May 28, 2019


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Laal Ishq


Unlike the other horror TV shows, Laal Ishq is a show popular for its unique and fresh content. The show focuses on the never-ending love stories with a supernatural twist. Started last year in June 2018, the show has become quite popular amongst the audience over time. With every new episode, we also see our favourite TV actors who play an episodic role in the show.

Speaking about horror stories, would you like to read some short and tiny horror stories? Take a look.

The Dead Wife


The best thing about short horror stories is that they stay in your mind for a very long time. Sometimes even if you wish to forget them, you can’t.

Don’t Drink And Drive


Death is the worst fear everyone has despite knowing that one day it is going to be true.

New Love, New Life And Old Memories


What else can be a better example of this story other than the show Laal Ishq? If you haven’t watched it yet then watch it now.

Who’s That?


It might have happened with you when you accidentally felt the presence of the same person in two different places. People call it hallucination, is it true?

A Crazy Artist


It is quite scary when some says that they are crazy about you. Especially after reading this story.

You Get Away With It


Doing something wrong to someone is going to come back, maybe tomorrow, next week or next year… but it will.

It Follows You


People say you should never stop on a highway when its dark but why do we forget that THEY don’t have to walk to reach anywhere?

Watch Out


This story literally makes us imagine the scenario of a guy sitting and a silhouette of a lady behind him.

Did You Hear That?


Not all the calls from your family are from your family members. This story sent a chill down our spine, what about you?

Are You Sure It Is A Deja Vu?


It is said that the human mind has the power to foresee the future and stay alert of anything bad that is going to happen. But what if it is our own future self trying to warn the present one?



If you are wondering what is Ouija, it is basically a board with characters on it to communicate with the supernatural powers. Do you believe it?

The End Of A Love Story Is The Beginning Of Horror


Not all love stories end with on a happy note, some end with the lover’s life.

Secrets Aren’t Good


We love keeping secrets from our loved ones but what happens when the secret is about your existence?

We are sure that you have loved these tales and if you wish to see more then check out on  @paranormal_india_pairs.

Till then keep watching Laal Ishq, a love-horror show on ZEE5.

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