Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14 September 2020: Preeta Makes Mahira Jealous With Karan

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Kenneth Carneiro

September 11, 2020


3 min


In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta has her griha pravesh in the Luthra House, after Karan accepts her as his wife. Rakhi welcomes Preeta into the house. Preeta makes a video call to her mother Sarla, and shows her the entire ceremony. Mahira and Sherlyn are asked to prepare the bed for Preeta’s suhaag raat. Preeta tells Sarla later that Karan has still not accepted her as his wife. Sarla tells Preeta that once she exposes the lies of Mahira and Sherlyn, Karan will realise his mistake.

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Next week, Daadi tells everyone that Karan doesn’t want to be in his room with Preeta. Kareena tells Karan to sleep in the guest room for the night. Sammy steps in and instigates Karan. He says that if Karan spends the night in the guest room, it will prove he is scared of Preeta and she will win. Mahira tries to stop Karan from going in the bedroom with Preeta. Karan tells her nothing wrong will happen and goes to speak to Preeta.

Mahira is afraid that she has lost Karan forever because he is in the bedroom with Preeta. Sherlyn tries to calm her down but is unable to do so. Sammy tells Srishti that he has convinced Karan to be with Preeta. He is afraid they are going to fight, but Srishti says Preeta will be nice to Karan.

Karan enters his room and asks Preeta to leave immediately. Preeta is about to leave but she hears Mahira getting upset and changes her plan. She locks the bedroom door and tries to say sweet and romantic things to Karan, knowing that Mahira and Sherlyn are eavesdropping.

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