Kundali Bhagya Written Update 1 October 2020: Sarla Finds Out Mahira Replaced Preeta

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September 30, 2020



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In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Pawan manages to sneak out of the Luthra house with Preeta. Janki manages to follow Pawan and reaches Prithvi’s house. Mahira meets all the guests as Preeta while covering her face with a ghungat. She hears Karan defending Preeta in front of the guests and gets jealous. The guests ask Mahira to lift her ghungat and show her face to everyone. Daadi stops them saying the muh dikhai will only happen after the wedding reception so they will all have to wait to see the bride’s face.

Watch the premiere episode here.

In the upcoming episodes, Mahira leaves the reception area and lifts her ghungat. Sanjana and Ramona see Mahira dressed as Preeta and get worried.

Sanjana takes Mahira into a room before Sarla notices her. She tries to explain to Mahira how bad her idea is but she refuses to take the advice.

Pawan tells Preeta that he is not a paid kidnapper. He proves that he is actually Prithvi’s brother and calls Preeta his bhabhi.

Janki follows Pawan to find out what he is doing to Preeta. She sees the house Preeta is in  surrounded by goons and decides to save Preeta.

Ramona tries to distract Sarla from finding Preeta. She says she is sorry for being rude to her earlier and admits that Preeta is a good person.

Rishabh tells Sarla that just like Ramona soon the entire family will also accept Preeta and see the good in her.

When Preeta tells Pawan that she is married to Karan and not Prithvi. He gets angry and threatens to shoot her right then.

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