Kundali Bhagya 3 February 2020 Written Update: Karan Tells Everyone He Will Save Preeta

In tonight’s episode, Sammy tells Srishti and Sarla that Karan will do everything he can to get Preeta out of jail.

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February 3, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan tells Preeta that he will get her out of jail soon. Mahira sees Sherlyn leaving the house and tries to stop her. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she didn’t give Rishabh her phone because the real video of Mahira trying to kill Preeta is still on her phone. Mahira tries to check Sherlyn’s phone and delete the video but her mother calls her inside. Daadi asks Rishabh to apologise to Sherlyn and bring her back to the Luthra house. Preeta finds out that her mother hired a good lawyer and says she doesn’t need a lawyer because Karan has promised to save her.

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In tonight’s episode, Preeta tells Sarla to not worry anymore. Sarla doesn’t believe Karan because when Preeta was getting arrested, Karan just stood there and did nothing. She asks Srishti to call up Sammy and find out what is going on in Karan’s mind. When Sammy goes to the room he sees Karan stopping Prithvi from apologising to anyone.

Karan says Rishabh was not wrong in demanding to see the video that Sherlyn gave the police. Rakhi asks Karan to call Sherlyn his bhabhi and treat her with respect. Karan blatantly refuses and he is shocked to see that Rakhi is supporting Sherlyn, not Preeta. Mahira’s mother, Ramona refuses to cut the cake till Sherlyn returns and Karan laughs at her. Rishabh takes Karan out of the room before everyone gets angry.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Kareena and Rakhi
Kareena and Rakhi go to Sherlyn’s house and ask her to come home.

Srishti calls Sammy and finds out that Karan is giving her best to save Preeta. Sarla and Srishti are happy to hear this. They decide to go back home. Srishti tells her mother to call her out when the Luthras reach. Sherlyn’s mother is worried when after a while, no one from the Luthra family shows up. Just then Kareena and Rakhi show up asking to speak to Sherlyn and take her back home.

Rishabh tells Karan to calm down while talking to the elders. Sammy asks Karan if he is really going to save Preeta. Karan says he will help Preeta because she also helped him when daadi was injured. Everyone laughs because Karan is trying to deny his love for Preeta. Mahira overhears that Karan is helping Preeta and gets upset. Will Mahira stop Karan? Find out tomorrow.

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