Kundali Bhagya 18 January 2020 Written Update: Mahira Claims Preeta Attacked Her Again

In tonight’s episode, Mahira first promises to tell the police the truth. When the police enter her room she says Preeta attacked her again.

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January 19, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn calls up Kareena and tells her about Mahira’s accident. Mahira convinces the doctor that she is not alright. She says that Preeta is trying to kill her and she offers him the money so that he can keep her in hospital for two or three days. Karan returns home after dropping Rishabh to the hospital. He is shocked to hear about Mahira’s accident. Sherlyn calls the police and accuses Preeta of trying to kill Mahira. Preeta asks the police to speak to Mahira once before they arrest her.

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In tonight’s episode, Preeta goes to Mahira’s room and asks her to tell the police about the accident. Mahira says Preeta is innocent and promises to tell the truth. When Preeta brings the police in the room, they find Mahira on the floor. She claims Preeta attacked her and forced her to lie to the police. She says that Preeta wanted to kill her and get Karan.

Sherlyn then forces the police to arrest Preeta who is shocked by Mahira’s lies. Karan refuses to call Sherlyn and Mahira, instead he wants to call up Preeta. However, Daadi asks him to go with Rakhi to the hospital immediately. Daadi feels her injury has made it possible to bring Preeta back in the Luthra house.

Seeing Preeta’s arrest Sherlyn gets happy. Mahira feels she is smarter than Sherlyn and can easily defeat Preeta. When Karan reaches the hospital, Preeta is already arrested. Srishti decides to follow her to the police station. She calls up Sarla and informs her that Preeta is arrested. Sarla refuses to believe that Preeta tried to kill Mahira.

Karan reaches the hospital with Rakhi and meets Mahira. He finds out that Preeta tried to kill Mahira, but he refuses to believe her. Rakhi also joins Karan and says Mahira must be wrong. Sherlyn tells them that Preeta tried to kill Mahira and she saw it with her own eyes. Will Karan and Rakhi believe Preeta is a criminal? Find out next week.

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