Kundali Bhagya 1 August 2019 Written Update: Rakhi Finds Out Mahesh May Not Survive

Kenneth Carneiro

August 1, 2019


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi enters the wedding venue where Srishti greets him with taunts. Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra from Jabriya Jodi, gatecrash the wedding. Bubbly (Parineeti) gives Preeta advice and asks her to marry the man she likes not the one she is forced to. Biji once again asks Preeta to call off the marriage if she’s not happy. Sarla finds Biji and Preeta talking to each other and asks Preeta what is going on. Preeta says nothing is going on and continues with the wedding preparations.

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In tonight’s episode, Rakhi is sitting in Mahesh’s room with the doctor. She asks the doctor when Mahesh will come back to life. The doctor tells Rakhi that Mahesh might never regain consciousness. Rakhi asks the doctor to not tell anyone else about Mahesh’s condition. However, Karan overhears this and is shocked.

Sarla meets Biji and tells her to not fill Preeta’s ears against Prithvi. The pandit asks Sarla to call Prithvi to the mandap. Sarla asks Srishti to call Prithvi to the mandap. When Prithvi meets Srishti he is happy that she is being nice to him. Srishti says that she hates him still. When Sarla sees Srishti with Prithvi and asks them to go to the mandap.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Srishti
Srishti gets into a fight with Prithvi and trips him on his way to the mandap

Karan goes to his room in anger. He blames Preeta for everything that happened with Mahesh. He takes Preeta’s photos and tears them before burning Preeta’s photos. He decides that Preeta can’t be happy after putting the Luthra’s through so much suffering. He decides that Preeta must pay for her actions.

Srishti trips Prithvi while taking him to the mandap. He limps and walks the rest of the way. When he is on the way to the mandap they meet Prithvi’s family. While walking towards the mandap, Prithvi stamps Srishti’s foot. Srishti realises that Prithvi did it on purpose and decides to ruin his wedding. What does she have in mind for Prithvi? Stay tuned to find out.

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