Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi Or Karan Of Kundali Bhagya: Who Do You Think Needs Marriage Advice?

Karan married Preeta to seek revenge, is he doing the right thing? Abhi still blames Pragya for the death of their first born; shouldn’t he let it go?

Kenneth Carneiro

December 28, 2019


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Zee TV shows Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya have been ruling the roost, raking in great TRPs week after week. Both of these daily soaps focus on relationships, majorly marriage. On Kumkum Bhagya, Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha play the main lead pair Abhi and Pragya whereas Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya are seen as the central characters Karan Luthra and Preeta Arora on Kundali Bhagya. The narratives of the aforementioned television serials orbit around the love story of Abhi-Pragya and Karan-Preeta, respectively. While Abhi and Pragya were shown getting married early on, Karan and Preeta recently tied the knot. Marriage is a turning point in any person’s life. Naturally, the new phase brought some changes in the lives of these characters too – few were good, few not so pleasant.

Abhi and Pragya got married under not-so-normal circumstances. Abhi thinks Purab would marry Pragya instead of his sister Aliya. To stop the wedding, he gets hitched to Pragya. Love blossoms and the two embark on a happily ever after. But the likes of Tanu, Aliya, King cause trouble in AbhiGya’s paradise from time to time. It is no secret that Abhi and Pragya are the eternal love story, but their marriage hasn’t been a walk in the park. Abhi and Pragya have had their share of differences, and continue to stay apart. They both blame each other for the death of their first born Kiara. Abhi blames Pragya for keeping his daughter away from him for seven years, not trying to reconcile, not making him meet his other twin daughter amongst many things. But if you look from Pragya’s perspective, things are quite different. She feels Abhi doesn’t want to listen anything she has to say and only wants to blame her alone for everything that went wrong. She is of the opinion that she would have saved Kiara if not for Abhi going on national television. Who do you side with? All we wish for is that Abhi and Pragya get back together soon!

Karan and Preeta started off as best friends on Kundali Bhagya. Things were going great until they both fell head over heels for each other. But thanks to Sherlyn and Pirthvi, misunderstandings found a way and drove a wedge between PreeRan. So much so that Karan even married Preeta to seek revenge. He made sure she doesn’t get married to Prithvi and then abandoned her in the middle of the road. Ever since, Karan and Preeta have been distant and hurting. They both say they hate each other but we all know it’s otherwise. However, do you think Karan was right in marrying Preeta and then leaving her? Do you feel he should have gotten engaged to Mahira knowing he is already married? Is Karan right in punishing Preeta and not trusting his best friend?


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