Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Twist: Abhi And Pragya Meet But Priyanka And Rishi Drive Them Apart

Kenneth Carneiro

October 3, 2019


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Rishi Gets Cornered By Priyanka


In last night’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Priyanka tries her best to get Shahana out of Rishi’s life. She first tries to stab Shahana with a knife but later stops herself. Priyanka then asks Rishi to leave Shahana but he refuses to listen to her. Priyanka then calls Rishi in Abhi’s room and locks the door. She tries to force herself on him so he can’t leave her. Watch these desperate attempts by Priyanka to get Rishi, here.

Rishi refuses to fall for Priyanka’s tricks and tries to free himself from her grip. He ends up scratching her while she also scratches him. When Rishi leaves the room Priyanka also goes out crying. She sees Abhi who sees Priyanka’s dishevelled clothes and becomes worried. Watch this in the preview for tonight’s episode.

Priyanka Tells Abhi That Rishi Molested Her


Abhi takes Priyanka to his office and questions her about what happened. Priyanka has already convinced Abhi that Rishi is in love with her. She now tells him that Rishi molested her after she turned him down. This angers Abhi and believing Priyanka he decides to teach Rishi a lesson.

Pragya Finds Something Is Wrong With Rishi


Rishi reaches home to the new house which Pragya and Sarita have moved into. Pragya notices something wrong with Rishi and wonders what happened in office. Rishi decides to freshen up first and then talk to Pragya. Meanwhile, Abhi is already planning Rishi’s arrest.

In The Upcoming Episode Of Kumkum Bhagya, Rishi Is Arrested At Home


Rishi is about to eat his dinner when the police barge into his house and arrest him. He claims that he did nothing wrong while the police tell him that he molested a girl. Rishi realises Priyanka has put him in trouble again but it is too late as no one is ready to listen to his side of the incident.

Abhi Beats Up Rishi In Jail


While Rishi is locked in jail, Abhi demands to see him. He goes into the prison cell and begins beating up Rishi for misbehaving with Priyanka. Pragya is also at the police station and demands to see Rishi but the police stop her because Abhi is beating up Rishi at that time.

Pragya Comforts Rishi In Prison


Pragya is allowed to see Rishi after Abhi leaves his jail cell. When Pragya reaches there she finds Rishi scared and crying in a corner. Pragya goes and comforts him. She promises to give him justice and reveal the truth about Priyanka to everyone else.

Pragya And Abhi Meet At The Police Station In The Latest Episode Of Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya and Abhi come face-to-face at the police station. They are both happy to see each other and all the love they’ve not shared for the last 20 years comes back. However, when they both find out why they are at the police station it creates a fight between them because Abhi wants Rishi in jail but Pragya is hell bent on saving Rishi.

Meet Ali Asgar From Movies Masti With Maniesh Paul


In the middle of all this, Ali Asgar who plays the role of CineMAA on Movies Masti with Maniesh Paul drops by the sets. She will be seen flirting with Ranbir played by Krishna Kaul. Watch out for his appearance to get some much-needed laughs in this episode.

Watch the first episode of Movies Masti with Maniesh Paul this Saturday where the cast of Housefull 4 are special guests.

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