Kumkum Bhagya 31 January 2020 Written Update: Ranbir Confronts Prachi In College

In tonight’s episode, Aryan sees Ranbir crying for Prachi and he asks him to confront her in college to get his answers.

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February 1, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea tries to take Prachi back to the office. Instead, Prachi hugs Maya and says that she is going to change her statement that she gave the police. Rhea tries to warn Ranbir that Prachi is now supporting Maya. Ranbir refuses to believe her because Rhea was always against Prachi. Later, Aryan tells Ranbir that Rhea had tried to frame Prachi in a drugs case too. Ranbir wants to call Prachi and tell her how much he loves her. The police show up to arrest Ranbir and tells him that Prachi is the witness against him.

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In tonight’s episode, Ranbir leaves his house upset after the police leave. Ranbir’s parents thank Rhea for stopping the police when Prachi betrayed them. Abhi feels they should talk to Prachi and find out what happened. Rhea says that they should not talk to Prachi because she always knew that Ranbir is a flirt.

Ranbir is crying while Aryan follows him with the car. When Ranbir stops and falls down crying, Aryan picks him up. Ranbir says he is upset that Prachi did this to him. Aryan tells Ranbir to calm down and confront Prachi about this the next day in college. Rhea goes to Aliya and tells her how everyone hates Prachi and likes her now.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Rhea and Aliya
Aliya asks Rhea to not force Ranbir to leave Prachi.

Aliya warns Rhea to not ask Ranbir to get over Prachi. She asks Rhea to give Ranbir time till he realises that Prachi is not the girl meant for him. The next morning Ranbir leaves the house without eating breakfast. When Prachi and Shahana reach college they find people talking ill about Ranbir.

Shahana is upset with Prachi for betraying Ranbir. Prachi tries to explain herself but Shahana is in no mood to listen and walks off angry. Ranbir takes Prachi in the library and locks the door. Prachi tries to explain why she had gone against Ranbir but he says that she never understood him. Will Ranbir be able to convince Prachi that he is not a molester? Find out tomorrow.

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