Kumkum Bhagya 29 January 2020 Preview: Prachi Stops Maya From Committing Suicide

In the next episode, Prachi finds Maya trying to commit suicide, she saves her life but Maya tries to kill herself again.

Kenneth Carneiro

January 28, 2020


1 min


In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Aliya and Rhea convince Abhi that Sanju tried to attack them. Abhi takes Rhea home but is upset that he didn’t meet Prachi. Ranbir returns home with his family who opines that Prachi and her mother felt like a part of their own family. Abhi, Pragya and Purab share their contact numbers. However, Aliya sees Abhi’s message and her old phone number. She then saves Pragya’s number as Daadi and blocks the number on Abhi’s phone. When Pragya tries to message Abhi, Aliya deletes the message. Rhea tells Maya to fake her own suicide by getting run over by a truck.

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In the next episode, Prachi is outside office scolding Maya for trying to kill herself. Rhea watches all the drama unfold. Maya says that it would better for her to die and she tries to jump in front of the truck again. Prachi pulls her away in time and slaps her. Will Maya convince Prachi that Ranbir tried to molest her? Find out tomorrow.

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