Kumkum Bhagya 22 August 2019 Written Update: Prachi And Rhea Compete In A Fashion Show?

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August 22, 2019


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya visits Vikram’s office to apologise for scolding him earlier. Shahana and Prachi also confront Rhea for purposely splashing dirty water on Shahana earlier. Rhea and Prachi get into¬† a fight and the principal calls their parents to college. Pragya apologises to Vikram at his office. Vikram forgives Pragya and tells her that the divorce thing was only a joke. He decides to show Pragya, the real Mr. Mehra’s (Abhi’s) photo.

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In tonight’s episode, Pragya tries to see the photo but can’t see the face since it is covered in cake. Vikram says he put the cake on Abhi as a joke. He tells Pragya that Mr. Mehra is not in office right now. He tells Pragya that he will let her meet him some other time.. Vikram’s assistant enters when Pragya’s leaves and says Abhi is in office.

Rhea says that she had actually splashed water on Shahana by mistake. She blames her friends for creating the problem. Rhea is worried that Abhi won’t believe her. Prachi also thinks Rhea’s mistake is not that bad for Pragya to come to meet the principal. They both overhear each other saying they don’t want to trouble their parents.

Vikram sends his assistant to stop Prachi’s mother. Abhi leaves the meeting room and hears the assistant calling out to Anuradha. The assistant tells Abhi that Prachi’s mom had come to meet Vikram. Abhi decides to meet Vikram, but he sees Purab in stress. Abhi comforts Purab first and asks him to go home and rest since she is under stress.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Disha
Purab gives Disha a lift home when he sees her stuck in stormy weather.

Prachi and Rhea come up with a plan to stop their parents from visiting the college. They go to the principal’s office and try telling them that they are friends now. The principal refuses to believe them till he gets some proof. He asks Prachi and Rhea to work together on the fashion show if they want to prove they are friends.

Prachi agrees to do so but Rhea is worried that she will fight with Prachi since they have to compete with each other. When Purab is returning home the rain is pouring heavily. His driver says a woman is asking for a life. Purab agrees and finds out Disha was asking for a life. Stay tuned to find out how their chance encounter goes.

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