Kumkum Bhagya 18 September 2020 Written Update: Abhi Arrives To Stop The Wedding

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Ankita Tiwari

September 17, 2020



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In the next episode of the show, Kumkum Bhagya there’s more happening at the chaotic wedding. Maya’s mother tries to talk to Prachi (she is still thinking it is Maya) but she doesn’t speak. Her mother forces Prachi to lift the ghungat but Sarita comes to her rescue and stops Maya’s mother from doing so. She tells her that Maya’s bade papa has called her. Meanwhile, the goons that Aliya has hired manage to nab both Maya and Rhea who are dressed up as the brides. But one of them is stopped by Abhi. He tells him that the sack has clothes for laundry but Abhi refuses to believe and asks him to show him the clothes. The goon sweats and is saved by Aliya. She interrupts and asks Abhi to accompany her.

Watch the spoiler here.

Further, we will see how Abhi congratulates everyone and tells them that he will try to stop the wedding now. He even ignores Dushyant. But Ranbir comes up to him and tries to tell him about the bridal swap. But Dushyant stops them and asks Ranbir to sit in the mandap. Abhi is surprised to see Sarita bringing the bride (who he thinks is Maya). Meanwhile, Aliya tries to stop Abhi from creating disruptions as she thinks Rhea has already replaced Maya. She spots Shahana and comes to the conclusion that Prachi is around.

Later, when her goons reveal that they have kidnapped two brides, she comes to the conclusion that they have kidnapped Maya and Prachi. She tells them that if they kill the ‘other one’ she would pay them double!

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