Kumkum Bhagya 18 March 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Twins Riya-Prachi Are Poles Apart

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March 18, 2019


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In the latest episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw that Abhi and Pragya blame each other for Kiara’s death. They don’t want to stay together anymore and argue over the custody of twins. Disha and Aliya suggest that both Abhi and Pragya keep one twin each and go about their lives separately. It is mention worthy that the popular daily soap witnessed a generation leap tonight and now focuses on the lives of Abhi – Pragya’s twin daughters.

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Tonight on Kumkum Bhagya, the episode begins with Disha trying to convince Abhi and Pragya if they want to stay together with love and respect or separate. A heartbroken Abhi and Pragya both hold one daughter each and apologize to their twins for their decision to split. Abhi tells Pragya to never return to Mehra mansion ever again because she has no family left in the house anymore. Pragya promises to never return to Abhi’s home, his  or even the city. She says she will never forget that he separated their twin girls. Abhi goes back to his room with one of the twins while Pragya rushes out of Mehra mansion.

Abhi Pragya and twins separate in Kumkum Bhagya
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Pragya is walking down the street and talks to her daughter how she wanted to get her sister too. She is about to get hit by a vehicle when an acquaintance saves her. Abhi tells his daughter that he won’t let Pragya return or come near her even if she wants to. Abhi takes the elder twin while Pragya takes the younger one. They both promise to never let the other parent ever enter their lives again!

The story takes a leap. Everybody in the Mehra mansion is afraid because Abhi’s daughter Riya has gotten up. They hear her breaking utensils. Riya is in a bad mood and spoilt for choices, the brat doesn’t need a reason to ruin her day, says Dadi. She further adds that “Abhi ki ladli, Abhi ki tarah nakchadi hai.” Meera is a new character in the Mehra house, who everyone trusts with handling Riya and her tantrums.

In another scene, we see Pragya is looking for her daughter Prachi everywhere in the house. Pragya is now a teacher in a college where Prachi studies. Meet Prachi, a sweet, simple and sensitive girl who cares about those around her, especially her family. She helps the needy and is loved by everyone. Pragya and Prachi are shown to be staying in Punjab while Abhi and Riya are in Delhi.

Pragya and Prachi on the sets of Kumkum Bhagya
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Riya is spoilt for choices who cannot get enough of countless pairs of shoes. She locks herself in her wardrobe because she can’t find any footwear to match her outfit. Meera and Mitali Chachi try to convince Riya that they will get her matching dress and shoes. But she is adamant that she wants it now! Mitali Chachi pulls a thread from Riya’s dress and she goes berserk. She tells her Meera aunty to get a matching dress and sandals right away, Meera tells her to listen to music while she calls the designer.

Abhi and Riya on Kumkum Bhagya sets
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Prachi, on the other hand, is someone who chooses to make do with limited resources. Her cousin tries to tell her that she should buy new footwear but Prachi says there is no need. The two twin sisters are as different as chalk and cheese! Prachi has a roadside Romeo who keeps troubling her. Just when Prachi and her cousin are walking through the street, he tells her that she should let him drop her home. Otherwise, he would reach her residence to take her away! Prachi walks away with her sister and informs her that her mother has taught her to not get into any trouble or such situations.

Prachi comes home and gets emotional as she hugs her mother. As her cousin Sana is about to tell Pragya what happened on the way, Prachi interrupts and cuts the conversation. Sana then complains how Prachi studies too much and becomes the topper of their college. However, Sana says she doesn’t have a younger sister to teach, granny then tells her to get one. This makes Pragya think about her other twin daughter and she looks emotionally at Prachi. However, neither Prachi nor Riya are aware of each other’s existence.

Will Riya and Prachi find the truth about their parents? Will they help bring their parents to come closer or make them distant than ever? Do Riya and Prachi hate the other parent they never met or longing to reunite? Stay tuned to find out all the answers to your questions in the episode tonight!

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