Kumkum Bhagya 17 January 2020 Written Update: Aliya Finds Abhi And Pragya In The Same Room

In tonight’s episode, Aliya sees Abhi and Pragya in a room together and she decides to insult Pragya after Abhi leaves the room.

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January 17, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya share a romantic dance. But Pragya ends up injuring her foot. Abhi lifts her and takes her to a room, so that she can rest well. Ranbir tries to talk to Vikram about his love story, but changes his mind. He makes an excuse and leaves. Maya arrives at the venue for Lohri celebrations. Aliya asks Maya to falsely accuse Ranbir of molesting her. When Maya asks the reason for doing so, Rhea asks her to stay out of their personal matters.

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In tonight’s episode, Abhi takes Pragya to a room and asks for a first aid box. He tells Pragya that he likes it when they are not fighting. Abhi and Pragya promise to not fight with each other again. Abhi begins applying ointment on Pragya’s wounds and she remembers how much she loves him. Prachi and Shahana are at the Lohri party where Ranbir and Aryan enter.

Ranbir sees Prachi talking to one of the boys called Tushar, from college who insulted her earlier. He gets jealous and tries to enter the conversation. He sees Tushar crying and apologising to Prachi for insulting her earlier. Prachi readily forgives him for his mistake and asks him to not repeat it with any other girl. Ranbir tries to get Prachi’s attention to himself but fails.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Ranbir and Maya
Prachi sees Ranbir flirting with Maya and gets jealous.

Aliya enters Abhi’s room and finds him with Pragya. Abhi goes out to answer a call and Aliya decides to insult Pragya. She tells Pragya that she will never be welcome in the Mehra family again. Aliya tells Pragya that the daughter she left with Abhi hates her now. She says even if Pragya comes back to the Mehra Mansion her daughter will not be with her. Pragya is shocked to hear this.

Prachi gets jealous seeing Ranbir flirt with Maya. She calls Ranbir mannerless and cheap for flirting with a girl at a family function. Maya offers Ranbir help in impressing the right girl. Abhi goes back to the room and sees Pragya is gone. Abhi scolds Aliya for sending Pragya away. He says that he wants Rhea to meet her mother. Rhea stops him from speaking rudely to Aliya. Will Abhi decide to make Rhea meet Abhi? Find out tomorrow?

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