Kullaboodham in Sathya or Arun In Sembaruthi – Who’s The Better Bromance Buddy?

We know Sathya’s Kullaboodham and Sembaruthi’s Arun are both amazing duos but who do you prefer more? Read on to get clarity before you decide to comment.


September 12, 2020


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Have you experienced a true bromance in real life? If you haven’t, then you are missing out on something truly great. Research shows that men are far more satisfied emotionally in a bromance than a traditional bromance. After all, you share far more of your thoughts and feelings with your best buddy of so many years than your girlfriend. Sure, bromance is more of playing video games late at night, drinking beer over the weekends and going on trips together rather than holding hands and talking about one’s feelings.

But men also know that they are in a safe, non-judgemental space with a buddy like that and that they could discuss anything with them. Bromantic relationships take years to develop. One holiday together does not a bromance make. But your bromance buddy is probably the most influential person in your life. It’s not too different in the case of on-screen bromance either.

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Throughout the course of television history, there have been some spectacular bromances that take that friendship from the reel world to new levels. Sathya’s Kullaboodham and Sembaruthi’s Arun and their selfless love for their best friends Prabhu and Adithya, totally give us bromance goals.

Their presence on the show intensifies the emotions, from funny moments to tragic scenes. On-screen bromances also provide an outlet for us to know true feelings of the hero. They also teach us beautiful lessons about friendship and make us realise that having a true friend is nothing short of a blessing.

While both Kullaboodham and Arun have been the best friends one could imagine, but if we have to ask ourselves ‘who is a better BFF and 3 am drinking buddy’, who would you choose? Well, before you make a choice, let’s look at the things that Kullaboodham and Arun have done for their respective friends in the series.


Kullaboodham from Sathya. (Source: ZEE5)

Kullaboodham has never left Prabhu alone in any situation come what may. Whenever there is a misunderstanding between Sathya and Prabhu, Kullaboodham has intervened and made the latter realise the mistake. He also suggested Prabhu apologise to Sathya for his behaviour.

Like every best friend, Kullaboodham, too, has given tips to Prabhu about how to convince Sathya when she is angry. When Prabhu is stressed or sad, Kullaboodham not only makes him laugh with his antics but also gives an appropriate solution to get rid of the problem. We have also seen Kullaboodham choosing Prabhu over the girl he likes on the show. If a call comes from Prabhu, Kullaboodham  chooses his friend over girlfriend. Now that makes us also want to have a friend like him in real life.


Arun of Sembaruthi
Arun of Sembaruthi (Source: ZEE5)

Arun and Adithya are on-screen brothers in Sembaruthi, however, the chemistry between the two has definitely caught our attention. We have hardly seen them fighting like siblings. In fact, the two need no best friends as they always have each other. Arun and Adithya are poles apart yet they love each other and can go to any extent to bring a smile on one another’s faces.

A clear example could be Adi’s wedding with Parvathy, which Arun managed to keep it a secret from his mother. Clearly, he can go to great lengths to protect his brother Adithya. Arun, who never dares to disobey his mother, hides the truth about Adi’s marriage from his mother. Despite knowing what the consequences could be, he decided to stand by his brother.

And today, Akhilandeshwari has stopped talking to Arun, owing to Adi’s decision to secretly marry Parvathy. However, that has not changed the equation between the two brothers. They remain best friends as always. Arun and Adi’s chemistry surely makes us go green with envy.

Now you can make a choice – who among Kullaboodham and Arun is a better friend? Which of these two decent and loyal guys would you want as a buddy in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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