KS Ravikumar As Ratna Stands Out In Rekka, Here’s Why!

September 27, 2019


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Rekka is a movie which is sure to please your sensibilities on many levels. So, be it the action-packed sequences or the subtle way in which Vijay Sethupathi plays the character of Siva. Or be it the bubbly and cute Bharati, a character played by Lakshmi Menon. Each and every character has an attribute that is sure to make you think about it even after you are done with the movie. Now, this character strength is not just limited to the main characters but it also extends to other smaller characters.

Watch the astounding performance of Vijay Sethupathi in Rekka.

Speaking of character influences and impact one character in the movie Rekka who is hard to miss is Siva’s father,¬†Ratna. The role of Ratna in the movie is played by none other than K S Ravikumar. It would be wrong on my part if I were to call him just a filmmaker, for Ravikumar, is a legendary filmmaker who been entertaining the Tamil masses since the early ’90s. And to add to this, Ravikumar has been always associated with the biggies of the Southern industry.

With most of his movies rewriting the box office records, this filmmaker has always been a part of the cinemas that he made. Thus, his cameo appearances in the movie he direct has always been famous and anticipated. These appearances have been so consistent that many have compared this style to the world-renowned director Alfred Hitchcock’s style.

Siva and his family
A still from Rekka

In Rekka, we see Ratna as a strong father who is confident about his son’s purity of mind. Unlike other fathers who have insecurities about their children, Ratna does not have such emotions. He, in fact, supports his kids morally and tries to be a friend with whom they can share their any secrets. This makes his presence as a father felt throughout the movie, even though he is not been shown in all of the sequences.

This image of a father also makes the character Siva more impactful, for we as an audience have that clarity in our mind that Siva will never cross the line and will never do anything that will tarnish the image of his father and his family. Thus, confident fathers like Ratna are much needed in our society, where children need a friend more than a dictator to share their concerns.

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