KRISHNAKOLI SPOILER: The Police Find Clues On A Camera That Ashok Has Missed!

Just when Ashok thinks he and Disha are safe from suspicion and are about to go away forever, new evidence emerges! What will he do now?


July 28, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Krishnakoli, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) and Maam (played by Tiyasha Roy) have got a nifty plan lined up to catch Shyama’s killers. They have organised a stage show where ‘Shyama’ is set to perform her music. Nikhil is sure that the offenders will come to the show and fall right into the trap. He has also arranged for extra security for Maam so that she is well protected from the assailants. Nikhil takes Maam to visit her parents and explain this plan to them, and they make the trip to the apartment where her parents are hiding out late at night. Ashok has followed them, and when they come out to their car to go back home, he sees them and knows for certain that ‘Shyama’ is actually Maam!

Watch the preview for the next episode below:

Ashok finds out all about the ultimate plan that Nikhil has made, including the fact that he has hired extra security forces and even informed the police to be stationed there so no harm can come to Maam. Ashok is almost impressed with Nikhil’s canny thinking, but pats himself on the back for being one step ahead of him! Now that Ashok has confirmed Maam’s true identity, he is determined to execute his and Disha’s own plan to sabotage Nikhil and make off with their share of the family wealth. Ashok and Disha then announce to the family that they think it is best for their new offspring if they move away forever, so that they can bring up their child in a safer environment– away from all the danger that has been following the entire family.

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However, in the preview for the upcoming episode, we see the police officer who is investigating Shyama’s case and trying to find her assailants, mention that he has found some clues from the CCTV camera near the godown of the Choudhury family’s factory. The policeman says that they have found a car, and Nikhil excitedly asks who it belongs to. At this, Ashok realises that he has completely missed noticing that particular camera, and starts worrying about the evidence that has been detected. Of course, it would most probably incriminate him! What is he going to do next?

Will Ashok find another way to avert suspicion from himself? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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