Krishnakoli: Here’s how different members of the Choudhury family react on seeing Shyama again!

Not all the characters from the TV serial are quite so pleased at Shyama’s return. Read on!


September 17, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Krishnakoli, the lead character Shyama (played by Tiyasha Roy) had been missing– assumed to be dead, in fact– by her family members and even us for quite a while. However, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya), Shyama’s doting husband, dedicated himself to tracking down her murderers and never gave up hope. Recently, Shyama made a comeback! Check out the way that different members of the Choudhury clan reacted to her return!

Watch an episode from Krishnakoli below:


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Nikhil was beside himself with both elation and anguish! He was, of course, over the moon to have Shyama back again in the flesh, but he is still plagued by numerous questions that give him no peace until they are answered. Nikhil wants to know where Shyama has been all this while, and why she never bothered to contact him. Why could she trust Aditya Choudhury more than him? This last point really niggles at him!


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Ashok had been dreading Shyama’s return! He had been hoping that it was all a hoax and that she was actually as dead as everyone had previously considered her to be. Why? Because he, along with his wife Disha, had been the ones responsible for her disappearance in the first place! Disha and Ashok had tried to kill Shyama, so when they hear that she may be back, they get ready to murder her again! Ashok arrived at her comeback concert armed with a gun just for this purpose.


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Sujata, who is Nikhil, Arun and Ashok’s mother, was both ecstatic to have her daughter-in-law back and angry that she had been away, all at the same time. She rushes to the venue of the concert and embraces her the moment she sees her, and cries tears of joy.


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Disha is shell-shocked to see Shyama! Her an Ashok’s game is finally up as everyone finally gets to know what they have done. She wants to free Ashok and escape with him forever! Shyama’s return is a huge blow for them.

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