Krishnakoli 16 September 2020 Written Update: This is why Shyama does not want to move back in with Nikhil!

Shyama may be back, but there are several complications to deal with!


September 15, 2020



3 min


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In this premiere episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Krishnakoli, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) confronts Shyama (played by Tiyasha Roy) about the fact that she chooses to stay in the guest room and not with him! He is deeply hurt, and cannot handle what seems to be a cold attitude towards him. After listening to Nikhil’s pleas, Shyama finally blurts out what the matter is.

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Shyama reminds Nikhil that he has got married again, and holds a responsibility towards Maam. She says that regardless of the reason that he did so, it is not right to take away all that she has been used to over the past few months that Shyama had been gone. She also reminds him that Maam is in love with him, and it won’t be fair on her if Shyama moves back in as if nothing has happened.

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Nikhil admits that he had made a blunder by marrying again, but his obsession with catching Shyama’s murderers had clouded his judgement. Maam comes in and invites Shyama to reclaim her former room with Nikhil. Shyama tries to decline, but Maam insists and says she won’t take no for an answer. Despite this, Shyama continues to have misgivings about being Nikhil’s rightful wife again.

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Disha arrives at the house accompanied by some women police officers. They have released her because Ashok has chosen to take all the blame in his statement. The Choudhury family members are livid, and Nikhil’s mother says that Disha will not even be allowed to see her child as a punishment. The family decides that the child will be brought up by Maam instead. At this, Shyama silently observes how much the family trusts Maam, and wonders if things will ever be the same again.

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