Krishnakoli 1 October 2020 Written Update: Shyama wonders how to tell Nikhil about her pregnancy

Nikhil is making big plans with Shyama– but he does not know what it is that she is planning!


September 30, 2020


3 min


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In this premiere episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Krishnakoli, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) tells Shyama (played by Tiyasha Roy) that he thinks it will be bad for the Choudhury family’s reputation if Maam joins her to sing at the neighbourhood Durga Puja. He says as much to Maam too, who feels quite bad about it, although she does not say anything.

Watch the preview of this premiere episode of Krishnakoli below:

When Nikhil goes to the pandal where the Durga Puja preparations are going on, he sees a crowd around an old lady. She is feeling ill and is hungry. He brings her food and she blesses him, but we see that she is actually Gauri Dasi in disguise. Gauri Dasi wants to hurt Nikhil and Shyama for a past situation in which she blamed them for her husband’s death. She has vowed to take revenge on them, and is determined to ruin their lives completely.

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At home, Shyama is cooking in the kitchen as Nikhil has said that he wants to eat prawn curry cooked by her. While cooking, she remembers the letter she had left for Nikhil in his room, and rushes to retrieve it before he finds it. In the letter, she had written that she is pregnant with their child. However, she has also written of her plans to leave the house, and knows that if Nikhil gets to know about that now, he will try to stop her. She does not know that Maam is the one who has found her letters already, and will never pass them on to Nikhil.

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