Know How Jhende Plays A Negative And A Positive Character In Jothe Jotheyali With Finesse


March 12, 2020

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We all know the perfect on-screen duo of Anu and Arya. But, here’s a character that plays a main obstacle in their love life. Yes, we are talking about Jhende who is also Arya’s closest friend and wants the best for him.

Jhende and Arya have known each other since a long time. The two struggled their way up together and have stuck by each other ever since. Jhende is an advisor at Vardhan Group Of Companies (Arya’s firm) and even Arya’s guardian. The duo has had their share of ups and downs but what has got them going is the trust that they have in each other.

Jhende and Arya
Jhende and Arya converse about Anu

However, things take a turn when Anu enters Arya’s life. Anu is a student who joins Vardhan Group of Companies as an intern. Arya and she develop a deep connection and soon fall madly in love. Arya is at that stage of his life where he has accepted it to himself that he is in love with Anu. However, Jhende does not approve of this relationship and does everything he can to create a rift between the two as he thinks his friend’s relationship with a younger girl will ruin the reputation of Arya and his company. He also hires Neel and asks him to get close to Anu so that she will forget about her feelings for Arya who is much older than her. However, Anu does not consider Neel her friend to begin with.

Will Jhende succeed in distancing Anu from Arya? And will Arya fall into the trap that Jhende has set? While Jhende’s intention is to protect his oldest friend, he also chooses the wrong path to do so. Is Jhende right to do so?

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