Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay 24 September 2020 Written Update: What new plan is Trisha hatching?

Trisha is up to no good! Read on to find out what she is up to now.


September 23, 2020


3 min


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In this premiere episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Karna (played by Krushal Ahuja) tells Radhika (played Swastika Dutta) that they need to make arrangements to stay out of each other’s way, so she can have the bed for four days of the week and always use the bathroom first. Radhika finds it a bit odd, but Karna feels bad that Radhika feels so unhappy in this strange union, and wishes he could give her her freedom.

Watch the preview of this premiere episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay below:

Meanwhile, we see that Trisha is only pretending to support Radhika and Karna so she can cause harm to them insidiously, unlike her sister Payel, who is blatant in her sheer disgust at them. Trisha wants to win Karna over with time while also looking like a good person. At the Sen Creations office, she ruins some of Radhika’s designs which are to be shown to the client over the next few hours.

Radhika is shocked to see what has happened to her work, but Karna thinks she was not being responsible enough in her delivery. Trisha then offered up some of her own work to be used instead, which saved the day.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

On the other hand, Karna resigned from handling an old project, much to Sohini and Radhika’s alarm, as the only reason the client had not cancelled the deal was that he was driving it. However, Karna insisted on handing it over to Arghya to manage.

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