Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay 22 July 2020 Written Update: Radhika Realises Her Feelings For Karna

Radhika finally acknowledges that she does in fact have feelings of more than friendship for Karna, but Joy is acting fast. Read on!


July 22, 2020


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In this episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo TomayRadhika (Swastika Dutta) can’t stop thinking about what had happened with Sonali Kakima, and especially, Moni’s words about Joy (Uday Pratap Singh) being perfect for her. At office the next day, Karna (Krushal Ahuja) notices Radhika’s crestfallen state of mind and asks her what is wrong. She replies that she is fine, but Karna encourages her to share all her pain with him so her burden is lessened. Radhika looks pleasantly surprised by his wise and tender words, and notices that Karna is holding a rose in his hand.

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Radhika asks Karna who the rose is for, and he mumbles that he has brought it — for himself! Radhika is amused by this, and seconds later, Karna asks if she’d like to keep it. Radhika demurs politely, and a disappointed Karna keeps it on his desk. Rashika notices his hurt expression and realises that he had probably intended to give it to her all along, but was being awkward about it. She goes over to his desk, picks up the rose and says “Thank you.” She then tells Karna that when someone wants to give something, there’s no need to hesitate. Karna smiles at her and tells her that he has a surprise for her the next evening, and Radhika wonders what it is!

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
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Radhika can’t stop thinking about Karna, and how safe and at peace she feels whenever he is around. She realises that she has fallen for him, and wonders if he feels the same way about her. Radhika decides to speak to Moni that very day and tell her about her feelings for Karna. Meanwhile, Joy calls up Payel and tells her that he has good news, and that their mission will be accomplished soon. Payel calls him overconfident and informs him that if he fails, he has a lot of sorrow written in his fate! Joy assures her otherwise, and tells her to keep the money ready.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
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Joy then goes to Moni after visiting the temple and bringing back prasad for everyone. Joy sits down Moni and tells her that he would like Radhika’s hand in marriage. He promises to take care of her always, and Moni is very happy to hear him say this. She promises to arrange the date and make preparations as soon as possible, and this is all that Joy wants to hear!

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
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After getting home from work, Radhika takes Moni aside and says that there is something she needs to know. Moni too, was planning to speak to her about Joy, but asks her to go first, thinking that it is about Joy and that he has already told her before coming to her. Radhika confides that there is someone in her life that she has fallen for despite not knowing him for terribly long, but is sure that he is the one for her. She tells Moni about how happy Karna makes her feel and what great lengths he goes to protect her, and Moni assumes she is referring to Joy and is pleased.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
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In the upcoming episode, we see that Moni is telling Radhika that she has no doubt that who she has in mind is perfect in every way for her. She goes on to mention that it is Joy, and that he loves Radhika a lot. Radhika looks absolutely shocked at this.

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