Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay 11 September 2020 Written Update: Does Payel’s plan to get Radhika in trouble work?

Payel has made a plan so vicious, it might even get Radhika and Karna kicked out of the house for good!


September 10, 2020


3 min


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In this premiere episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Radhika (played Swastika Dutta) sends Adinath Sen’s broken glasses for repair as a way to surprise him, as she knows how difficult it is for him to do anything without them. She gives the money to Sambhu Kaku, the chauffeur, so he can make the payment at the store. However, Payel wrangles the envelope with the money from Sambhu Kaku by bribing him, and plans to stir up trouble for Radhika and Karna (played by Krushal Ahuja).

Watch the preview of this premiere episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay below:

Dolly Kakima overhears Babli talking to Joy (played by Uday Pratap Singh) on the phone and making plans to set up a life with each other in the near future. Dolly tells Karna about it, and wonders what game Joy is playing now. She hopes that he won’t harm Babli in any way.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

Arghya proudly tells Payel how he has been insulting Karna and Radhika at work, and Payel reminds him that he got this opportunity because of her. They also discuss Trisha, and how they have no idea what has suddenly got into her for supporting Karna and Radhika! Then, Payel tells her husband that she has something else in store for them which will get them in so much trouble that they might even get kicked out of the house. Moments later, a man comes into the house and starts accusing Adinath Sen of theft for not paying for the glasses he got repaired!

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

Everyone gets surprised, and the man then points at Radhika for being the one to visit their store. What will happen next?

To know what happens next, watch Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay latest episodes on ZEE5.

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