Khirer Putul: 4 best scenes with Sudha that stand out in the TV serial

Check out these moments featuring the lead character played by Sudipta Roy!


September 10, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Khirer Putul is a fantasy show based on the classic novel by Abanindranath Tagore. It tells the tale of Duorani and Suorani, two of the King’s queens who are treated differently. They race to beget the first heir to the throne. Duorani is simple and does not have any demands as such, while the evil Suorani does all she can to sabotage her. In the show, the King is called Raja Samantak (played by actor Suman Dey), and Duorani’s name is Sudha. Played by Sudipta Roy, Sudha is absolutely adorable. Here are some scenes with her that you will love!

1. The missing motichoor laddoos

In this scene, the kitchen staff of Raja Samantak are busy preparing his favourite motichoor laddoos. They need exactly 500, and after counting, notice that the batch keeps diminishing by five every time! They wonder who is eating the laddoos, and Sudha goes to investigate. She soon chances upon Burima, who is gleefully relishing the purloined laddoos. She tries to convince her to give them back, and Burima hilariously refuses!

2. Burima gives Sudha a present

Sudha opens the chest that Burima has given her to find that it is full of gorgeous jewellery. She is stunned and cannot find it in herself to accept these treasures. She asks Burima to bless her, and says that that will be enough. Burima refuses to hear of such a thing, and insists that Sudha wear them and see how beautiful she looks.

3. The witching hour

In this scene, Sudha is at Raja Samantak’s wedding dressed in dazzling finery. However, Burima has told her not to stay beyond a certain hour, upon which she will be restored to her usual style. Sudha tries to excuse herself but no one lets her, and that’s when she transforms. This is when Raja Samantak recognises her to be Sudha!

4. Raja Samantak and his people spot Sudha!

Sudha has narrowly escaped the clutches of a ferocious tiger that tried to eat her when she was imprisoned by the evil Sagarika aka Suorani. However, in this scene, Raja Samantak and his team chance upon her in a field when they are out, and Suorani is furious to see that she didn’t die after all!

Which of these scenes did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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