Khasma Nu Khani: How Veena Will Become Simple’s New Jasoos

Simple has found a friend in Arman’s neighborhood, Veena, who will now be her new spy. Read on to know more.


July 27, 2020


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The Zee Punjabi serial Khasma Nu Khani is fulfilling the expectations of wholesome entertainment. Before the lockdown, we saw how Arman (Navdeesh Arora) dumps his wife Deshpreet (Hasimran Oberoi) for Simple (Sukhpreet Trehan). Now, in new episodes, we see that Deshpreet is all set to expose Simple’s true colours. But there is an enemy of Deshpreet, unknown to her, waiting to foil this plan. Read on to find out who it is!

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Simple’s New Friend Veena

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Deshpreet’s favourite Jolly uncle’s bahu, Veena, is Simple’s new friend. She is the only one who meets Simple with a smile and appreciates her presence. Jolly uncle tells all the essential supplies vendors to boycott Arman‘s house. So the next day, Veena brings bread, milk, and eggs for Arman and Simple. That’s how Veena expresses her happiness at seeing Deshpreet out of the house. Veena says that she’s happy to see Deshpreet out as she was a ‘chamchi‘ to the neighbourhood gossip mill. Both Veena and Simple mock Deshpreet, while Arman listens to them quietly.

Why Does Veena Hate Deshpreet? 

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Veena is similar to Simple in that she doesn’t know how to respect her elders. She always communicates with her in-laws in a rough tone, toh in dono ki dosti toh honi thi. Another reason why Veena hates Deshpreet is because of jealousy. Veena is jealous as she feels that her in-laws love Deshpreet more than her. Jolly considers Deshpreet as his daughter. So there is an obvious reason behind Veena’s happiness at Deshpreet’s exile.

What Can We Expect? 

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Hardcore drama! That’s for sure. Veena will keep Simple updated about her in-laws and Deshpreet’s plans. Just look at the image, this is her reaction when she sees that Deshpreet is visiting her house. Jolly says that Deshpreet is like his daughter and she can stay with them as long as she wants. This angers Veena, and it indicates that she’s unhappy with Deshpreet’s return. Veena might now try to play games with Deshpreet and force her to leave this house too!

What do you expect from Veena? How can she be a threat to Deshpreet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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