Khasma Nu Khani: 5 Moments When Tarunpal Saved Arman


April 29, 2020


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1. When Tarunpal Reminds Arman About His Anniversary

Who says that a protagonist doesn’t need anyone to save him? Even the lead character needs the support of another character that helps him in the nick of the time. Khasma Nu Khani’s Arman Arora (Navdeesh Arora) has a hero in his life, and he is none other than Tarunpall Gill (Gurpreet Maan). Here we are with the moments where Tarun proved himself worthy as a friend and saved Arman from Desho (Harsimran Oberoi) and Simple Sharma (Sukhpreet Trehan).

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1. When Tarunpal Reminds Arman About His Anniversary

Arman is busy with Simple Sharma and impressing her by gifting her precious jewellery, but he has no idea that Desho has arranged a surprise wedding anniversary party and everyone at his house is actually waiting for him. When Tarunpal realises it, he instantly calls Arman and makes him aware of the situation. Arman gets paranoid and he leaves from Simple’s place in no time. He reaches his home and acts ignorant and makes a fool out of Desho yet again.

2. When Tarunpal Puts His Life In Danger

Simple meets Arman at his house in Desho’s absence. Arman gets worried as he knows that Desho can arrive anytime, and he somehow manages to make Simple leave, but she drops her earring in Arman’s bedroom. The next day, Tarunpal sees that Simple is approaching Arman’s home to get her earring back and he knows that Desho bhabhi is present in the house. Even with a bad stomach ache, Tarunpal stops Simple and asks her to leave. He promises that he will get her earring. After many attempts, Simple agrees to leave. Tarunpal goes to the house and gets Simple’s earring. But after reaching home, he accidentally drops the earring in front of his wife Guneet Gill (Prashni) and it creates huge chaos in his life. But Tarunpal is smart and mature enough to handle it in such a way that even Guneet forgives him and he saves his marriage.

3. When Tarunpal Manages To Handle Purab and Desho

Arman and Tarun’s kids, Purab and Twinkle, are in the same school. At the Annual Day function, Purab and Twinkle participate in a special drama programme. Arman wanted to reach school on time, but Simple manages to seduce him and he decides to spent his day with her. In the school, the kids are waiting for their fathers. Tarunpal arrives on time but Arman’s absence upsets Desho and even little Purab. However, Tarun consoles them by saying that Arman is in a very important meeting and he will join soon. Tarun even goes to the washroom and calls Arman to warn him about reaching school on time.

4. Tarunpal's Advice To Arman

After facing problems in his marital life, Tarun finally decides to confront Arman. He enters his cabin and advises him to stop double-timing his wife and concentrate on his work. Tarunpal even says that nowadays even the bosses are not happy with his work and other colleagues are suspicious about Simple and his relationship. Amran says that he is finding it difficult to handle this confusion. So Tarun suggests sending Desho to her maternal home. Arman likes it, but he is scared of his father. If his father gets any clue about Desho’s absence, Arman would be dead meat. So, Arman crushes the idea and reconsiders Tarun’s advice.

5. When Tarun Saves Arman From Getting Exposed

Simple decides to move in with Arman. She packs her things and reaches Arman’s house. There, Arman is furious with the fact that his father has made Desho the owner of their house. Tarun sees that Simple is about to go inside Arman’s house with a bag. He runs towards her and advises her to leave right away. At first, Simple is not ready to listen to Tarun. Eventually, she understands the situation and turns around to leave, but then she bumps into Parminder and they have a big argument. Tarun even tries to make peace between them but his efforts go in vain. However, he successfully manages to drag Simple away from Arman’s house.

So these are the moments where Tarunpal become the saviour of Arman. He has proved the proverb over and over again, ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed’. Let us know your favourite Tarun moments in the comments below!

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