Khasma Nu Khani 24 September 2020 Written Update: Why is Deshpreet nagging Simple and Arman?

Deshpreet is ready with her plans to nag Simple and Arman. Read on to know an intriguing update from Khasma Nu Khani.


September 23, 2020



3 min


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Deshpreet (Harsimran Oberoi) moves into Arman’s (Navdeesh Arora) house to take his and Simple’s (Sukhpreet Trehan) his comfort away. Let’s discuss the episode further.

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Arman and Simple are stunned by Deshpreet

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

The dumb duo is stunned by the sudden entry of Deshpreet into their life. Simple tries to convince Arman to throw Deshpreet out. But Arman wishes to stay away from police enquiries. So, he disagrees with Simple and decides to bear Deshpreet for few months.

Arman suffers a professional setback

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

On the professional front, Arman gets an earful from Tarunpal. Arman fails to manage his personal and professional life, and Tarunpal tells him to improve himself. However, Arman takes Tarunpal’s comment personally and argues with him. This leads to Tarunpal deciding to take this matter to their superiors.

Deshpreet gives another surprise to the duo

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Arman receives another surprise from his ex-wife. Shivam comes to the house with a truck-load of Deshpreet’s stuff. Shivam asks the helpers to keep the trunks in the living room. Deshpreet orders Arman and Simple to bring the stuff to the room, as she will not come down to take it. Arman and Simple discuss Deshpreet’s behaviour for a while, but  they end up lifting the heavy trunks.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

It seems like this is just the beginning. What else will Deshpreet do with Arman and Simple? Keep watching the show to get entertained.

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