Khasma Nu Khani 24 September 2020 Spoiler: Will Deshpreet continue to mock Arman and Simple?

Deshpreet enters into Arman and Simple’s life to create havoc. Read on to an interesting spoiler from Khasma Nu Khani.


September 22, 2020



2 min


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Deshpreet (Harsimran Oberoi) gets the golden ticket to screw Arman (Navdeesh Arora) and Simple’s (Sukhpreet Trehan) life. Let’s discuss the spoiler further.

You can watch the spoiler promo here:

Deshpreet harasses the duo

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Deshpreet decides to mock the dumb duo, and she gets support from Shivam (Mridun Taksh). Shivam enters the house with a few men and heavy trunks. He tells Arman that since Deshpreet will stay in their house, her catering business will also run from the same place. So, he brings Deshpreet’s business to Arman’s house.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

The duo get furious on Deshpreet, but apart from grunting, they fail to do anything else. Deshpreet is geared up to turn Arman and Simple’s life into a nightmare. What are your thoughts about Deshpreet’s decision? Share this story and keep watching the show for more interesting drama!

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