Khasma Nu Khani 14 October 2020 Written Update: Will Deshpreet fall prey to Arman’s attempt to fool her?

Simple comes up with a new plan, and Arman decides to be a part of it. Read on to know more.


October 13, 2020



2 min


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Deshpreet (Harsimran Oberoi) has learnt from her mistakes. She is no more a pendu janani, and even Arman (Navdeesh Arora) accepts this as truth.

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Deshpreet breaks down

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Deshpreet helped Arman after he got hurt, and in return, Simple called her characterless. After this episode, Deshpreet breaks down and pleads to God for strength.

Veena and her schemes

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Simple discusses Arman and Deshpreet’s unusual moment with Veena. Simple fears that if the estranged couple patches up, she will be thrown out. Veena gives her an evil idea to create differences between Arman and Deshpreet.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Later, Simple acts furious and traps Arman in her scheme. She instructs Arman to get closer to Deshpreet, and then take her signature on the divorce and custody papers. Arman foolishly agrees to do it.

Arman’s drama and Deshpreet’s reaction 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

The next day, Arman shows up to Deshpreet with a cup of tea. He pretends to be caring and understanding. However, Deshpreet remains rock solid and tells Arman to leave. She assures him that she is unaffected by his tears and she has now become heartless. A disappointed Arman leaves Deshpreet’s room.

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