Khana Khazana: 5 Easy Sandwich Recipes For Hunger Pangs At Any Time Of The Day!

Ankita Tiwari

May 28, 2020


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1. Grilled Spinach Sandwich

Are you bored with what to cook for the next meal? Well, some delicious easy sandwich recipes await you! During the lockdown, it is difficult to get all the necessary ingredients for cooking an extravagant meal, that is why we decided to make it easier with these sandwich recipes, which can be made with just about any ingredient that we have in our kitchens! AND it takes only about 15 minutes to prepare. Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor shows you how, in the show, Khana Khazana streaming on ZEE5.

1. Grilled Spinach Sandwich

The spinach grilled sandwich is easy to cook. Blanch spinach leaves to get rid of the raw taste. For the filling, add mayonnaise and salt to the blanched spinach leaves. Blend it well to make it into a smooth paste. Add pieces of onion rings to the mix. Take two slices of bread, add the spinach paste, and some onion rings on one slice of the bread, place the other slice on top of it and grill it. Tadaah! Your grilled spinach sandwich is ready to eat!

2. Pizza Sandwich

Is it a pizza or is it a sandwich? It’s both! This sandwich recipe is so easy that the children can make it too. All you need is a pizza base, veggies, and mayonnaise. Take five to six pizza bases and heat them on a pan. While you do this on a medium flame, make sure you don’t roast them. Take the veggies, including onion, capsicum, bell pepper, mushrooms, and other toppings you would like to add. Then slice these and mix them with mayonnaise in a bowl. Add this mix on the pizza base along with some grated cheese. Fold the base into half to make a quesadilla-like structure.

3. Rajma Sandwich

Another one of the easy recipes is Rajma Sandwich. You have to soak the rajma (kidney beans) overnight in water. The next day boil the rajma or use the pressure cooker to make the beans softer. Then add oil to a pan and add chopped onion, and sauté well. Add tomato and spices. Mix it well and add salt. Add rajma to this mixture and let it cool. After the mix is ready, spread it on the bread piece and add capsicum and grated cheese. Then you can grill or toast it if you like. It is very high on protein.

4. Tuna Salad Sandwich

To make this easy recipe all you have to do is make a filling with chopped veggies and tuna fish. Boil the fish and set aside while you make the filling. Marinate the fish with spices and add mayonnaise and sauces. You can also add pepper, salt, and spices for taste. Then make a sandwich with the filling and spread it evenly on the bread. Serve with coriander and mint.

5. Grilled Chicken sandwich

This chicken salami sandwich is a delicacy for breakfast. For this recipe, you need to mince the chicken and marinate it well with different spices. Then add chopped onion and tomato along with sliced veggies for the filling. Then you can take the bread pieces and spread the filling evenly to make a sandwich. You can then grill the bread to make it crunchier and tastier!

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