Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain: 10 Defining Moments To Revisit Before Season 3

Janhvi Sharma

May 15, 2020


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Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain season 3 will launch on 6 June, 2020

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is a romantic drama web series, which features Ronit Roy, Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli as protagonists. The series is is available on ZEE5 channel. The story of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, revolves around a couple Poonam and Rohit who part ways as the latter falls for a younger woman, Ananya. 

Rohit and Poonam get divorced and Rohit gets married to Ananya. Even, Poonam falls for a younger man, Abhimanyu, but later feels guilty for loving someone younger. She parts ways from him and has an emotional breakdown. Rohit tries to comfort her and the two get intimate, but decide to hide it from Ananya. 

However, Ananya gets to know about them and decides to leave Rohit. The series received an immense amount of love from the audience and gained a lot of popularity for its content. The makers of KKHH have decided to launch season 3 of the series on June 6, 2020. Before season 3 goes live, let’s take a look at the top 10 best moments from season 1 and 2.

1. Rohit falls for Ananya

In this episode from season 1, Rohit falls for Ananya and confesses his love for her. The two get intimate, and Rohit tells her that he will divorce his wife, Poonam. On the other hand, Rohit’s daughter Bani and Nikki plan to find out the identity of the other woman in their dad’s life. When they go to attend a wedding, even Ananya comes there. Ananya leaves the venue and Rohit goes along with her. Poonam, Bani and Nikki are shocked to see Rohit leave.

2. Rohit and Poonam sign divorce papers

Rohit decides to divorce Poonam, and move in with Ananya. Rohit’s daughter Bani gets drunk and creates a scene. But before signing on the divorce papers, Poonam tells Rohit to get Ananya to the court. Ananya comes to the court and only then Poonam signs the papers.

3. Bani's wedding

Bani decides to take revenge on her dad, and make him feel guilty for leaving his mother. To do so, she decides to get married to Arya, whom she does not love. The Mehra family are happy about Bani’s wedding, and even Rohit comes to attend the pre-wedding functions. Poonam’s sister Sheena tries to make Ananya jealous. She clicks pictures and videos of Poonam and Rohit and sends it to her. Ananya sees Sheena’s social media and arrives at the farmhouse. She tells Rohit that she is hurt due to him. Rohit plans to get married to Ananya.

4. Rohit and Ananya get married secretly

Rohit and Ananya get married secretly in the temple. She tells her friends about her wedding. Sheena gets to know about Rohit and Ananya’s wedding and informs Poonam. She gets furious and asks Rohit to leave. Poonam breaks her mangalsutra in anger and gives it to Rohit.

5. Ananya leaves Rohit

Rohit and Ananya talk about having a baby and starting a family of their own. Suddenly, they get to know that Bani is pregnant. Later, Bani and Arya face a tragedy that saddens the entire family. Rohit gets teary-eyed and tells Ananya that they cannot have a child in their life, as Bani goes through a miscarriage. Ananya cries her heart out and decides to leave him. She takes up a new project and leaves for Dubai.

6. Rohit comes to meet Ananya

Rohit misses Ananya and goes to meet her. Ananya gets surprised to see Rohit. Ananya tries to make him understand her point of view but he does not understand her. Sheena who is also in Qatar, meets Rohit and makes him understand that he has to start his family with Ananya.

7. Poonam gets to know about Ananya and Rohit's family plan

Poonam and Ananya become friends and share a drink. Poonam tells her that she knows about Ananya taking the pregnancy test. Ananya is furious, thinking that Rohit told Poonam about her pregnancy test.

8. Poonam meets Abhimanyu

Poonam bumps into Abhimanyu in the mall, and the latter starts liking her. Within no time, the two share their numbers and start chatting. Abhimanyu calls Poonam to meet her and they spend time together. Poonam shares her feelings with him and says that she has started liking him.

9. Arya leaves Bani

Bani who does not love Arya, tells her friend that she is happy about the miscarriage. Arya overhears their conversation, and gets angry at her. Bani tells Rohit that she needs a break from marriage. Arya tries her level best to get back Bani. When Bani realises that it is her mistake, she tries to mend ways. But Arya tells her that it is too late and he is going to abroad.

10. Poonam and Rohit get physical

As Poonam feels guilty of falling in love with a younger man, she decides to part ways with Abhimanyu. She is emotionally shattered and feels lonely. Rohit comes to meet her and the two get physical with each other. Rohit plans to hide the truth from Ananya. During the New Year party, Ananya gets to know that she is pregnant, and rushes to inform Rohit. She overhears Rohit and Poonam talking to each other and feels suspicious. Ananya gets to know about what happened between Rohit and Poonam. She decides to leave Rohit.

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