Keep Your Child Entertained During The Lockdown With ZEE5 Kids

ZEE5 has launched an exclusive section- ZEE5 Kids- a one-stop destination of entertaining content meant for children. Read the details inside!

Kedar Koli

April 8, 2020


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ZEE5 has always been a step ahead in delivering content that is relatable to every demographic of the country, be it young or old. Apart from TV shows and films, the OTT platform also has got a variety of exciting originals that you can stream exclusively on it. During the lockdown especially, ZEE5 has catered to the needs of the audiences by giving them a range of binge-watching options to choose from. However, it’s not just the adults that need entertainment but also the children. It becomes a cause of worry for parents to think of creative ways to keep their kids engaged at home while they wait for their schools to reopen. This is where ZEE5 comes to your rescue again. An exclusive section-titled  ZEE5 Kids- is being launched on the portal that will help you keep your child entertained during the lockdown.

Watch the children’s comedy film Bokya Satbande here.

ZEE5 Kids will provide a source of entertainment and will contain all the kids’ content that your child can browse through. ZEE5 Kids will be launched this week and will act as a one-stop destination by providing #Non-stop BachFUN. Apart from English, the platform will be available in other regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla and Bhojpuri. You can choose the language that you want your kid to learn and grasp.

A Still From Bokya Satbande (1)
Source: ZEE5

Your kids will love the live-action series and films that are available in both fiction and non-fiction. Oh, and did we mention the list of animated cartoon series that your child will love? Choose from popular shows like Chhota Bheem, Krishna Balram, Luv Kushh, Bablu Dablu, Bandbudh Budbak, Eena Meena Deeka, Vir The Robot Boy and more. ZEE5 Kids even has a collection of films based on legendary characters from children’s tales like Cinderella, Robin Hood, Chhota Hatim, and the great Christopher Columbus.

A Still From Chhota Bheem
Source: ZEE5

This package of entertainment mixed with humour and knowledge will be available under a separate section on the portal meant specially for kids. Your child can choose from genres like action, adventure, drama, comedy, thriller, mythological, superheroes, TV shows, cartoons, reality shows, and DIY all from one section on the platform – Zee5 Kids! With the introduction of this platform, ZEE5 has become the perfect OTT destination for the entire nation.

Which of these shows does your child like the most? Let us know in the comment box below.

For the top collection of shows that your kid can enjoy, check out ZEE5 here. 

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