Karthik Raj’s Latest Instagram Post Will Make Your Tuesday Terrific

Karthik’s most recent Instagram post will make your Tuesday terrific for sure.

July 9, 2019


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People often feel the need for motivation to move forward in life. It is all about the choice of positive, encouraging words that make all the difference. Kartik Raj, aka Adithya of Sembaruthi, keeps connected with his fans by sharing pictures with motivating captions on Instagram. The hunk of an actor, who has an ocean of fan following, comes across as a go-getter, who knows life is beautiful.

Check out the latest episode of Sembaruthi here:

Karthik’s most recent Instagram post will make your Tuesday terrific for sure. Here’s what it says: “Keep your dreams alive. Have faith in your ability. All things are possible for those who believe, life is beautiful.”


Dreaming helps a person define and redefine his goals. Without dreams and aspirations, life would become aimless. Whether or not people believe in us, we must have faith in our ability to achieve all that we wish to have in our life. So take a leaf out of Karthik’s page and make your Tuesday terrific and look forward to a happening week.

For those who joined in late, Karthik Raj plays Adithya in the most popular Tamil daily soap Sembaruthi co-starring Shabana Shajahan (as Parvathy), Priya Raman (as Akhilandeshwari), Sanjay Kumar Asrani (as Purushothaman), Lakshmi (as Vanaja), VJ Kathir (as Arun), Janani Ashokkumar (as Aishwarya), Mithra (as Bharatha Naidu) and Mounika (as Nandhini).

The current track of Sembaruthi revolves around Parvathy’s sincere efforts to get the blessings of Adhikadavur ancestors. Will Parvathy become Adhikadavur Parvathy? Stay tuned to find out.

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