Karanvir Bohra, Gautam Gambhir Relive Their Childhood Through These #BachFUNMoments

Kenneth Carneiro

May 13, 2020


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Celebrities try the #BachFUN moment challenge!

What you learn during your childhood, stays with you. It is the time when you start shaping your thoughts, developing habits, and building your character. You tend to learn things from the people around you, like your parents, other family members, friends and anyone who interacts with you. But now, when the number of people kids meet is so limited, thanks to the quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes the responsibility of every parent to try harder to make this period an engaging and enriching experience. 

To make it interesting, we introduced the #BachFUNMoment challenge, where participants have to send a video, which shows them spending time with their kids doing an activity which they love to do! From tricking their kids to do massages, to teaching the beautiful skill of gardening, here’s how actors and other popular figures shared their #BachFUNMoment!

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1. Karanvir Bohra Shows His Children How To Grow Their Own Garden

Who said you cannot be close to nature because you are indoors? Karanvir Bohra, took the #BachFUNMoment challenge as an opportunity to bond with his twins over gardening. Before putting manure into each of the pots in his balcony, he lovingly explains to his kids why plants require it in the first place. Following their dad’s actions, the kids enthusiastically carry a little amount of manure in their tiny palms and drop it in the pots. Karanvir says, whenever he spends time with his kids, he is transported back to his childhood. If nothing else, the video is a must-watch as the cuteness quotient of the video is overall high, thanks to his twins playfully messing around with their dad!

Watch the video here:

2. José Covaco Gets The Perfect Massage From His Daughter

The video begins with José telling his viewers how they have fun at their home without leaving home but its fun with a purpose! He is seen instructing his daughter to stand on his calves and near his shoulders, funnily reminding her how he used to carry her when she was small. Well, there cannot be a video without jokes if he is a part of it, right? His daughter, Chloe, is also seen to be happy about the whole activity, and has fun giving her daddy a massage.  She starts by jumping around and standing on him, but ends by massaging his back using her tiny fists. It turns hilarious when he realises she is pretty strong and she laughs it off! Well, humour runs in their family, we guess. Like father, like daughter!

Check the video here:

3. Gautam Gambhir Rolls The Dice With His Daughter

A prominent face in the game of cricket will obviously choose a game to pass on his learnings to his daughter, right? That’s exactly what Gautam Gambhir did as he played the popular board game, Snakes and Ladders with his daughter Aazeen. He chooses this game to make the lockdown a little less boring for her, and also to make her understand an important life lesson. 

As the game moves forward, Gambhir tells her how significant it is to accept the fact that life is going to be full of ups and downs, just like the snakes and ladders. Whether it is the runs he scores or the grades she gets, one should learn from those experiences and bounce back stronger. Truly, this is a message which kids should be taught early in life so that they are prepared for all the challenges life will throw at them in the future.

Check the video here:

4. Suman Dey Relives His Childhood With His Nephews

Suman Dey of the Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha fame, who is well-known as Jash, shared his experience of the lockdown with his nephews. Several toys, two happy kids, and a happier Suman, will take you back to the time when you played with toys. Sharing the same sentiment, he introduces them to his viewers and asks them to greet his fans with a Namashkar. With no time to spare for Suman’s viewers, the kids adorably enjoy their playtime, which tempts you to relive your carefree childhood, where you had nothing to worry about. But it is not all fun, as they end the video with a message, every one of us needs to strictly adhere to – Stay safe, stay home!

Check out the video here:

Consider this lockdown as a blessing in disguise and spend quality time with your kids. If you are wondering how to do it, take a cue from these actors or browse through our Zee5 Kids shows, specially created for your kids. Guddu, Chhota Bheem, Krishna Balram, Cindrella And The Prince Charles and more are waiting to entertain you and your kids, only on Zee5. Go ahead and have your #BachFUNMoment!

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