Karan Wahi Plays A Fun Game Of ‘Two Truths And A Lie’ About Virat Kohli On Zing Game On

Karan answers fun questions about Virat Kohli like which was his favourite subject in school, his favourite cuisine & more. Watch video.

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February 12, 2020


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Zing Game On is a unique game show that brings music, cricket and entertainment together. More of a hybrid between a game show and a talk show, it features well- known cricketers. Hosted by Karan Wahi, there are conversations Shikhar DhawanYuvraj Singh, Yuzvendra ChahalVirendra Sehwag, Suresh Raina, Umesh Yadav and many more. This new show brings a new spin with melodious music and fun elements like fan entries, tricky games, etc. Karan Wahi has gained fame by starring roles in several TV series including Dill Mill Gaye and Nach Baliye.

Karan’s newest venture into a gamified chat show gives him an opportunity to meet, chat with, and have loads of fun with cricketers whom he genuinely likes and admires. This fun little segment is an interesting peek into cricketers’ lives. It is aired prior to Zing Game On and is a bit of a teaser for the longer episode. The premise is for Karan to decode which of the three bits of information that he finds about his newest guest are true and which one is false. In the episode which features Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli, Karan takes the audience around an indoor cricket pitch where he discovers the three slips of paper.

Watch the fun game video here –

The first one, as Karan tells us says that Virat Kohli’s favourite subject in school was history. Almost instantly, our host decides that this is a fact. The next slip of paper is nestled in the stumps and Karan is quick to find it. This slip reveals that Virat’s favourite cuisine is Japanese. But our host is not buying it. Having a hard time imagining Indian Cricket Royalty chowing down on sushi and Udon, Karan declares that this snippet of information is false. Two down, one to go…

A bat resting against the nets is the site of the third slip of paper. On finding it Karan is excited to get this new reveal which he is sure is the truth. The slip reads: ‘Virat Kohli scored the fastest century by an Indian in ODIs Against Australia in just 52 balls in 2012.’ Brimming with confidence, Karan declares that this is the truth.

His victory is short-lived, however, as he is informed that while the ‘100 runs in 52 balls’ is true, the year was in fact 2013 and not 2012. That was a tricky one and Karan did try his best (although he claims to have misread the question). But here’s the interesting thing, if the last snippet was false, then the other two have to be true. This means that Virat does, in fact, enjoy his Ramen, tofu and other delicious Japanese treats.

Catch more exciting episodes of Zing Game On With Karan Wahi only on Zee5.

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