Kanchana 3: Here’s How Filmmaker Raghava Lawrence’s Craft Aged Like Fine Wine

Sneha Bale

August 28, 2019


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1. Raising the scales

Once a dancer, then an actor and now a filmmaker… Raghava Lawrence has successfully adopted newer crafts without letting go of his authentic skills and self. The man behind many successful films and initiatives has recently delivered the fourth film in his Muni franchise, Kanchana 3. With this film, he has truly set himself and his craft on a higher pedestal. Here’s how.

With Kanchana 3, the filmmaker has subjected himself to bigger budgets and bigger risks. Not so surprisingly, he emerged out successfully this time too. This itself is an indication that his taste and decisions have been finer and better.

2. Appealing to the masses, not niches

For the longest time, his films have tried to appeal to all. A film based on dance was to meant to be watched by families and a film about ghosts was alright to be watched by young ones. Keeping the past aside, Kanchana 3 truly is a film that one can watch on any occasion and with anyone.

3. Depending on the craft

A commonly used shortcut in films, to create comedy or horror, is the usage of background score and sound clips. However, Raghava Lawrence depends entirely on the craft of his talented cast.

4. Keeping the audience hooked

Going strong with one concept is one thing. But presenting the same concept for the fourth time is a tough task to succeed. But the critical reviews and box office collections are proof that he has managed to bag it once again.

5. Tapping into the right team

In a world where we do not watch the same film twice, Raghava Lawrence sits us down and keeps us engaged in the same family and the same story for the fourth time. The cast and crew must be credited but let’s not forget the director-producer’s ability to tap into the team that would make us sit through it.

6. Tools on the table

One of the major differences that came in with Kanchana 3 is the usage of special effects and other graphic tools at the editing table. While the cinematographer (Sarvesh Muraru) plays with colours and lights, the editor Ruben adds his magic to the scenes. The amalgamation is a visually stunning sequence.

You do not want to miss out on this one. Watch Kanchana 3 or find more horror films on ZEE5.

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