Kamali Weekly Update 03-07 February 2020: Rishi Gives Kamali A Bouquet On Rose Day

Rishi gives Kamali a bunch of roses and expresses his love for her. He also introduces her to his family.


February 10, 2020

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In the week before last in Kamali, a Navagraha ritual is being performed to welcome Kamali into the family. The pandit discovers certain negative energy in the room. He also sees that the fire around which the ritual is being performed is burning unnaturally with a high flame which signifies negativity. The next day, Gowri and Chandru gift Kamali a car. Chandru tells her that he has never gifted her anything before, which is why he bought her this car.

This week, everyone is at the dinner table at Rishi’s house. Rachna asks everyone why Rishi hasn’t come yet but no one knows where he is. Rishi finally home and sits at the dinner table. His mother asks him what took him so long. He tells her that he dropped Kamali home which took him some time. He also tells his mother that he is in love with Kamali and would want to introduce her to the family. They agree.

Rishi asks if he can bring Kamali home
Rishi asks if he can bring Kamali home

Anika is depressed about her situation in the house. Her mother tries to distract her by telling her that Valentine’s Day is coming closer, which is also celebrated as ‘Rose Day.’ Hence, she must give Rishi a rose.

Anika and her mother talk about rose day
Anika and her mother talk about Rose Day

At college, Rishi is confused as to why everyone has a rose in their hand. Rachna tells her that it is Rose Day and that he must give Kamali a rose.

Rachna explains rose day to Rishi
Rachna explains rose day to Rishi

Just as Anika goes to give Rishi a bouquet of roses, she sees him giving Kamali the same and expressing his love for her. He also recites a poem for her and the two share a romantic moment. Anika is infuriated.

Anika is furious
Anika is furious

Just then, a boy comes to her asking her for help regarding certain college issues. Anika takes advantage of this situation and tells the boy to forcefully propose to a girl in front of Kamali if he wants help. The boy does the same. Looking at this, Kamali slaps him for being forceful.

Kamali slaps the forceful boy
Kamali slaps the boy

The next day, Rishi makes Kamali meet the whole family. However, his mother is not happy to see the two together. Rishi’s father though tells her to be supportive of each other as they are happy together.

The whole family meets Kamali
The whole family meets Kamali

At Rishi’s house, they discover that the boy who Kamali had slapped, tried to commit suicide and is now admitted to a hospital. Kamali and Rishi rush to see him.

Rishi and Kamali leave to the hospital
Rishi and Kamali leave for the hospital

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