Kamali, Ningi Or Rachana: Who Sported Their College Play Costumes The Best?

Parinika Uchil

March 28, 2019

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If you are a fan of Kamali and watch the show regularly, remember the college play? Everyone was dressed to their best and each character costume was nailed to the bone! Recently, on Amulya’s social media handle, we came across her college-play avatar of Sita along with Ningi and Rachana with their costumes too.

While Ningi posed as a Rakshasi from Ashokvan, Rachana was given the role of Urmila as the play was initially based on a snippet from the epic Ramayana. Offshoots, these lasses showed off their prowess in a kickass photo-sesh! What we want to know is that whose look did you like best? Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

1. Kamali Aka Sita, wife of Rama

Kamali Dressed As Seethe
Kamali Plays The Character Of Sita In The College Play

Dressed in a white mythological outfit, Kamali sure looks like Seethe right? Her ornaments and hairstyle too match her attire. No wonder Rishi couldn’t take his eyes off of her!

2. Ningi Aka The Rakshasi from Ashokvan

Everyone Found Ningi Apt For A Rakshasi Role
A Still Of Ningi The Rakshasi From Ashokvan

This actress knows how to look amazing in any outfit she wears. Take this demon attire, for example, Ningi looks cute more than fearsome right? Her makeup and costume, especially the horns gave her character such depth.

3. Rachana Aka Urmila, Sita’s younger sister and Lakshmana’s wife

Rachana Plays Sita's Sister In The Play
Rachana As Urmila In The Play

Rishi’s younger sister looked so adorable donning the Urmila attire. Since the play was mythological, she too looked like a character that has stepped into the future from the past.

The college play was unfortunately changed by the great Anika Mahajan, who caused a new controversy altogether. Nevertheless, we were glad to see this fun side of the three Kamali actresses.

It’s time for you to pick your most favourite character amongst these three! Drop in your vote in the space given below!

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