Kamali: Here’s How Gowri’s Death Affected Chandru

Chekc out what Anika does to Chandru to seek revenge for everything


September 4, 2020


2 min


Chandru is unable to deal with the fact that his wife has died. When he gets to know the same, he faints as he thinks that it is impossible that she is not in his life anymore. Kamali tries to console him but he keeps falling sick due to crying so much. She also notices that he is not taking his tablets anymore and has been looking at Gowri’s photo.

Kamali, who saw him crying on the floor, brings in some water so that he can take his tablets. Just as they are trying to get him to feel better, Anika tells them that the doctor seems to be right. Confused by her statement, Rishi asks her what the doctor said and why she did not say anything about this in the past. To that, Anika says that the doctor has told her that Chandru might have become mentally unstable. This takes everyone by surprise including Urmila.

Anika plans her next step

However, it is revealed that Anika is deliberately giving her own father medicines that will aggravate his sadness and make him more unstable than he already is. She hides the fact that she exchanged some of his medicines even from Urmila as she is genuinely concerned about Chandru. Urmila, on the other hand, blames Kamali for everything that has happened while Anika takes full control of the house. She also tells Rishi and Kamali to help her shift Chandru to another room as he can be a cause of disturbance to other people in the house. Kamali feels extremely sad when she says the same but listens to her. Anika decides to make her next move.

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