Kamali: 3 Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Here’s what you need to know about Kamali and Anika’s battle


September 13, 2020


3 min


As we all know in the previous episodes of Kamali, Anika calls in Kamali and tells her that she must listen to everything that she says. She also says that she is the boss of the house and if she orders them to shift Chandru’s room to another, then they must do it. When Kamali does not react to what she says, Anika tells her to massage her legs. Ningi, who is also present over there, tells Kamali not to listen to anything that she says. In this week’s episode of Kamali, there are 3 discoveries that you must know.

False Medication Revealed 

Kamali gets a hold of the medicines that Anika has been giving Chandru and gets more information about the same. She learns that Anika has been giving him medicines to alter his brain activity and make him mentally weaker than he already is. When she tries to tell Urmila all this, who genuinely cares for Chandru, she slaps Kamali and does not allow her to talk. She also tells her that Chandru is in this situation because of her and there is nothing that she can do to change the same. Kamali also confronts Anika about the same who tells her that she should be thankful that she has been taken care of without having to face any sort of trouble. Anika shows no mercy.

Kamali’s Look-Alike

What also makes this week’s episode more interesting is the fact that it is revealed that there is a look-alike of Kamali who is a policewoman. This new character in the show is not only the opposite of Kamali but has come across as a strong personality that may or may not cross paths will Kamali.

Kamali’s look-alike

Kamali Asked To Sacrifice Her Love 

Kamali asks Anika what she should do for her to stop giving Chandru the wrong medication. Kamali gets the least expected answer as Anika tells her that she has to do a very simple thing – sacrificing her love for the sake of her father. She also says that Rishi is rightfully hers and Kamali has made a big mistake by coming in between them.

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