Kalyana Vaibhogam Weekly Update: Manga Agrees To Donate Blood To Nithya

Sneha Bale

July 22, 2019


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Manga Finds The Papers


The week starting July 15, in the Telugu TV show Kalyana Vaibhogam, begins with Manga (played by Meghana Lokesh) coming home to find that the adoption and Power of Attorney papers are safe in her room.

Manga Vomits


Later at night, while everyone was preparing to hit the bed and call it day, Manga starts throwing up post her dinner. This brings everyone back into the dining area, where she was. They all understand that Manga is now pregnant.

Explaining It To Jai


Everyone is happy to know about Manga’s pregnancy. However, Jai (played by VJ Sunny) thinks that Manga is sick. He does not understand the hints and metaphors dropped by his mother and Jeji. Finally, Manga has to explain it all to him.

Nithya’s New Plan


As soon as the news is out, Chandrika and Prasad head to Nithya to break it to her. When she hears the news, Nithya realises that she has now fallen behind by a few more steps. Coming close to Jai is now more difficult than ever before. But, she has a plan, as usual.

Jai Being Jai


While returning from work, Jai brings an entire entourage along with him for Manga — a nurse, a doctor, a personal maid, and a nutritionist. Along with them, he also brings a basket full of raw mangoes and a bunch of soft toys. He says he wants the best for Manga but Manga sends everyone away and asks Jai to not do so much.

Swaroopa Is Happy to know


Tulasi tells Swaroopa the good news and Swaroopa cannot hold back her happiness. She believes that it is god’s way of giving her a chance to relive Manga’s childhood through her baby, which she originally missed.

Nithya Ruins The Happiness


Just when Swaroopa was enjoying her moment of knowing that she will be a grandmother soon, Nithya ruins it. She acts guilty and decides to punish herself for her deeds and drinks poison. She had actually planned this to scare her mother. Nithya thought she would be able to take the antidote in time and save herself. However, fate had other plans.

Trouble For Manga


Chalamayya Shastri, who comes to the Suryadevara house to bless Manga and her unborn baby, warns her that there is trouble lurking around her. And tells her that she must save herself from it, and suggests that Manga visit the temple.

Nithya Is Battling With Death


Everyone rushes Nithya to the hospital. But the doctors announce her condition to be critical due to the poison present in her blood. Swaroopa loses all hope and blames herself. But Tulasi assures her. She tells her that Manga shares the same blood group and she will agree to help.

Tulasi Tells Manga The Truth


Tulasi goes to the Suryadevara house to look for Manga and finds out that Manga is in the temple. So Tulasi too rushes there. When she meets Manga, she tells her the truth — how she was taken away from Swaroopa by her father, given to Tulasi to take care and how Nithya is her twin sister.

Mother-Daughter Reunion


Listening to Tulasi, Manga understands and accepts her reality. Instantly, her heart melts and she agrees to embrace her mother and younger sister. She meets Swaroopa and hugs her. Manga asks where her sister is and how she can help her. Tulasi tells her about the blood donation and Manga readily accepts.

Like Manga, will Nithya change and accept Manga? Stay tuned for more updates. For more entertainment, watch Maate Mantramu on ZEE5.

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