Kalyana Vaibhogam 28 May 2019 Preview: Nithya Confronts Manga In Front Of Jai And Chary

Everyone knew she was dead. Now that she is out and yelling, is it all for real? Or is it all a bad dream?

Sneha Bale

May 28, 2019


3 min


The latest episode of the Telugu serial Kalyana Vaibhogam gave us a wonderful surprise and as soon as we start to feel the joy, our bubbles were popped. Let’s take a step back and understand why! Earlier in the drama, we have seen Nithya using her lookalike Manga (both characters played by Meghana Lokesh) as her bait to get rid of the generational curse that has been killing newly-wedded brides in Nithya’s lover, Jai’s (played by VJ Sunny) family. But in this process, Manga and Jai fell in love. Now, Manga has a special place in Jai’s heart and home. But her revenge remains unfulfilled. Here’s what happens now in the Telugu TV show:

In the latest episode, airing on May 28, 2019, we will see Manga telling Jai and Chary that there is no way she will win the fashion show that her lookalike Nithya had won for the last two years. Nithya, who is standing with Swaroopa, on the top floor hears their conversation. Manga’s attitude makes Nithya angry and she tells her mother to do something. Swaroopa consoles her daughter by saying that Manga must be joking about losing the competition. But looking at Nithya’s growing intolerance, Swaroopa tells her that Manga can achieve whatever she wants to and she hasn’t failed once yet.

Nithya With Swaroopa In Kalyana Vaibhogam
Nithya and Swaroopa in Kalyana Vaibhogam (Source: ZEE5)

Despite Swaroopa’s attempts, Nithya goes into the living area and yells at Manga. She first slaps and then accuses Manga of bringing bad luck. She keeps yelling at Manga without a second thought. It is as if she is taking out all of her pent-up anger. Jai and Chary can’t help but stare at what they are seeing. Considering he had thought Nithya is dead, what will Jai do now after seeing that she is actually alive? How will he react to her rude behaviour towards Manga? In fact, has Nithya really confronted Manga and Jai? Or is this just another dream? To find out the answers, keep watching this space.

In the meantime, check out the latest episode of Ninne Pelladatha on ZEE5.

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