Kalyana Vaibhogam 18 September 2020 Written Update: Has Illayaraja found Jai?

In today’s episode, Illayaraja tells them that he knows where Jai was when Swaroopa asks him about it. Watch the premiere episode of all TV shows on ZEE5 Club before TV!

Sneha Bale

September 17, 2020


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In this episode, the temple’s priest goes to Janaki and offers them to stay at his house. He tells them that it is unsafe for a woman and kids to stay there. Janaki tries to assure the priest that they will take care of themself. But Abhi and Divya start insisting that they must return to Chary’s rented house again. Abhi promises to take care of Janaki and Divya. The priest feels impressed by how caring Janaki’s kids were and tells her that she has nothing to worry about. He blesses them and prays for their safety and peace. But what will happen when they go back? Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam latest episode to see it.

Illayaraja and Prakash keep dancing and singing even when Swaroopa disturbs their little party. She asks why they were called urgently and Illayaraja takes Swaroopa and Nithya to a dimly lit room upstairs where an unconscious man has been tied to the chair. Nithya sees him and feels angry. When Swaroopa seems puzzled about her reaction, Illayaraja explains how Nithya made him withdraw the tender that Jai was looking forward to owning. However, the man won the tender because Jai was absent as he was helping Janaki’s kids get admission in a school.

Janaki with her kids and the priest in Kalyana Vaibhogam
Janaki with her kids and the priest in Kalyana Vaibhogam (Source: ZEE5)

Illayaraja further adds that Nithya’s move angered the man and he tried to murder Jai. But Jai found a way out and is probably in a hospital somewhere getting treated. Nithya hears this and loses her calm, she starts slapping the already-unconscious man endlessly. Illayaraja asks Swaroopa to promise that they will not hurt the man anymore because they need him to be alive in order to close the case. Swaroopa tells him that she will kill the man if anything happens to Jai. Chandrika and Prasad call Meenakshi and find out that Janaki had returned home with Abhi and Divya.

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Watch the premiere episode of all TV shows on ZEE5 Club before TV.

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