Kalyana Vaibhogam 17 May 2019 Preview: Chandrika Threatens Swaroopa With Nithya’s Truth

Chandrika seems to be on an expedition to bring down Nithya and goes to her mom Swaroopa’s house. What happens next?

Sneha Bale

May 17, 2019


3 min


In the last episode of the Telugu TV show Kalyana Vaibhogam, Chandrika had split the beans about Nithya’s fake death, only to change her statement later when she found that no one in the Suryadevara family believed her. Jai, who had climbed the stairs of the temple on his knees, believed that his conversation with ‘Manga’ on the flight of stairs was nothing but hallucination. Later at night, everyone felt sad to see Jai in such a state and asked him to never do such things for anyone again. Chary told Jai that he felt sad to see him in so much pain and hence, told everyone about his fast. You can watch the episode here:

In the upcoming episode on May 17, 2019, we will see that Chandrika, who Manga had cornered when she further probed about Nithya, going to visit Swaroopa at her residence. Swaroopa is surprised to see Chandrika and her husband arrive unexpectedly. She greets them but they jump straight to the topic. Chandrika’s husband tells Swaroopa: “We know Nithya is not dead. We know Jai wasn’t hallucinating on the temple stairs. We know it was Nithya who spoke to Jai”. Swaroopa is taken aback at this because she herself had no clue about Nithya’s whereabouts the previous morning.

Kalyana Vaibhogam Still ft chandrika
Chandrika and her husband in a scene from Kalyana Vaibhogam (Source: ZEE5)

Chandrika further accuses Swaroopa of pretending to be someone she isn’t. She tells Swaroopa: “We know Nithya is alive. We know Nithya is in the house. Why waste time? Call your daughter outside”. Swaroopa finds herself at a loss of words and cannot help but stare blankly at them. All this while, Nithya is hiding in her room and listening to this conversation. We can see the fear on her face, but what will she do next?

Kalyana Vaibhogam Still ft Nithya
Nithya in a still from Kalyana Vaibhogam Nithya (Source: ZEE5)

Nithya has no clue that Chandrika wants to help Nithya in ending Manga’s life. But whether they team up or stay rivals is something we need to wait and watch. Let us know what you think.

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