Kalyana Vaibhogam 14 September 2020 Written Update: THIS is who Nithya has kidnapped!

In this episode, Nithya has been acting shady for a while now. But you’ll be shocked to know who the person she kidnapped is. Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam’s latest episode to find out.

Sneha Bale

September 13, 2020


3 min


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In this episode, the person who Nithya goes to meet and has kidnapped is none other than Powder Prasad. She asks him to reveal the truth about their weird behaviour. Nithya looks outside from the abandoned building and calls Chandrika, who has arrives at the location just after her. Nithya changes her voice and scolds her for bringing another person. But Chandrika fails to realise that Kalpana was hiding in the backseat until Nithya spelt it out to her. Chandrika gets angry on Kalpana but decides to hold back until they reach home. Will she see her husband? Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam episode before TV to find out.

Illayaraja takes an update from Prakash, who informs that every officer at check posts will be looking for a woman with two children. They had alerted bus stations, railways and airports. Illayaraja wonders where Janaki and her kids could be if they haven’t heard about it yet. That’s when it strikes them that they could be taking shelter in some temple. He asks Prakash to start looking for them. On the other hand, Abhi and Divya give various suggestions on what they could do next. Abhi promises to deal with the cops on his own and asks them to return to Chary’s house.

Abhi, Divya and Janaki in Kalyana Vaibhogam
Abhi, Divya and Janaki in Kalyana Vaibhogam (Source: ZEE5)

Abhi gets aggressive about Jai’s missing situation and blames Divya for it. Janaki gets annoyed and asks him to stay quiet. Divya requests the priest to perform pooja for Jai’s safe return. Abhi sees this and gets angry at her. He tells her that the only person she should be concerned about is their mother. He throws the prasadam and drags Divya away. But will Divya’s prayers save Jai? Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam latest episode.

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