Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 20 January 2020 Written Update: Maruti Tames A Wild Bull

In tonight’s episode, Maruti invites all the cattle of his land for his birthday party, but one of them turns out to be a wild bull that attacks him.

Kenneth Carneiro

January 20, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, Maruti breaks through the trap and manages to free his friends too. They run back towards the palace but Maruti goes to defeat the demon Divyakarn. He stops the demon from killing the mango picker. Maruti then challenges Divyakarn to a fight. Divyakarn is surprised when he is not able to lay a finger on Maruti. One blow of Maruti throws Divyakarn back into the Rakshas territory. Jambhavan sees this and realises Maruti is special.

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In tonight’s episode, Maruti says he was able to defeat Divyakarn because he believed he could. Jambhavan decides to keep an eye on Maruti to see if he has any other special powers. Maruti decides to rush home for his birthday celebration. The mango picker gives maruti his bullock-cart loaded with mangoes as a way to thank Maruti for saving his life.

Maruti is on his way to the palace and starts eating mangoes. He decides to offer some to the bull who is taking them back to the palace too. Maruti says the cattle should also get to eat something other than grass as they give humans so much in return. Nandi seeks Lord Shiva’s permission to go to Maruti’s house for the birthday party. Shiva grants him the permission.

Maruti invites all the cattle that belongs to his land for his birthday party. Anjani and Kesari are proud of Maruti’s efforts. One of the bulls turns out to be wild who takes Maruti into his horns and throws him in the air. Maruti flies and everyone gets worried for him but he lands on the bull’s back safely which instantly calms the bull down. Jambhavan is convinced that Maruti is a special child.

In the next episode, Shiva decides that Maruti needs to realise his true purpose by becoming a Ram bhakt early on in his life. He chooses Jambhavan to teach Maruti about Vishnu’s eighth avtar, Ram. Watch the latest episodes of Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, on ZEE5.

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