Kabani Special: Why Ganeshan Is The Best Example of a True Friend!

Tom Francis

April 9, 2020


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Ganeshan from Kabani has always been that character we all love to watch for his funny one-liners and befitting replies to Rambha and Menaka. He is always there is to support their fight against Rambha and is the best wingman for Rishi. Ganeshan who is the canteen owner in Kabani’s college has evolved into an important character on the show. Here are the reasons why Ganeshan is the best example of a true friend!

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He is always there to support Kabani

Ganeshan and Kabani
Ganeshan and Kabani

Ganeshan has proven several times that he is always there to support Kabani and Padmini in their fight against Rambha and Menaka. Even with him being the canteen owner of the college, his opinions are considered by Rishi and the college principal. Ganeshan who is an excellent judge of character is the first to warn Kabani of Rambha’s drama. He is always there to give smart replies to help win Padmini her arguments with Rambha and Menaka. Without Ganeshan’s constant support, it wouldn’t have been possible for Kabani to help Manikandan’s parents in their fight for justice.

Best wingman

Ganeshan tries to console Rishi
Ganeshan tries to console Rishi

In the initial episodes of Kabani Ganeshan was the only support Kabani and Rishi would get for their relationship. Ganeshan was one of the first to figure out that a romance was budding between Rishi and Kabani. Even when Kabani fights with Rishi over the incident that happened with Manikandan, Ganeshan tries to make the latter understand what actually happened. He meets Rishi without Kabani’s knowledge and consoles him.

Always there with a backup plan

Ganeshan's surprising talent
Ganeshan surprises everyone

One of the most memorable scenes of Ganeshan is when he surprised everyone with his acting skills when Rakesh joined Rambha and Walked out of the rehearsals. Ganeshan has always come up with the best back up plans and even advises the troupe to stay calm when Pavithran lashes out at Rishi. He is quick to find a resolution that is beneficial for all and proves that he is also a clever problem-solver.

The best person to ask for advice

Ganeshan, Padmini and Kabani
Ganeshan, Padmini and Kabani

Whenever Kabani and Padmini are in a tough situation, they approach Ganeshan for advice. Even with his lack of education, Ganeshan has surprised all of us with his befitting replies to their queries. Ganeshan’s optimistic nature makes him a good friend in tight spots who is willing to look at the bright side of things and give you courage even when you are in trouble.

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