Kaafir Actress Dia Mirza: Living In Mumbai Is An Assault To Your Senses

Aayushi Sharma

December 2, 2019


4 min


We would honestly not be surprised to find the fountain of youth in Dia Mirza‘s backyard. The actress has been aging in reverse, and the ever glowing smile continues to illuminate our hearts just as much as her millions of fans. Looking prepossessing as ever, dressed in a gorgeous floral dress, Dia recently made an appearance on a chat show Not Just Supper Stars. The RHTDM starlet is currently basking in the success of ZEE5 Original Kaafir which marked her digital debut and also won her several accolades for the Best Actress on OTT. In a tete-a-tete with host Gunjan Utreja, Dia opens up about what keeps her calm, the secret to her beauty, climate change, having OCD and more. Read on to know more.

A few minutes into the episode, Gunjan asks Dia how she has managed to look the same over all these years. “I am told by scientists especially, that apparently a woman’s most beautiful phase is when she crosses 35. Because your features are more defined, I think it’s also because you know yourself better, you are more content with yourself,” replies the star.

The actress also let Gunjan in on the importance of yoga and travel in her life. “I started practicing meditation 11 years ago, it’s a form of my daily routine. I learned how to do the Sudarshan kriya the year I participated in Miss India. I loved the most when I was younger was travel. At least once or twice a year I identify one forest in India I haven’t been to before. So there is no planning in that, it’s all discovery,” she shares.

Talking about her connection with nature, Dia explains, “In the last eight to ten years, my connection with nature has deepened. I have realized that everything we take is from nature. But given where we are right now, in the face of climate change, the fact that we have genuinely messed up. Our idea of well-being and lifestyle has messed up and affected a large number of people. We can say no to single-use plastic, say no to plastic bottles, etc. We all need to think about our pattern of consumption.”

“I feel like loving in Mumbai is an abuse to your sense,” opines Dia. Her yoga instructor friend adds, “This is Dia’s line that I use a lot, ‘Living in Mumbai is an assault to your senses.'” Dia explains, “After I started living here, I have developed tinnitus. It’s a condition that causes vertigo and a constant sound you hear. So the doctor advised me to practice yoga.”

Spilling the beans on her routine, Dia told Gunjan, “He started me on this insane routine – no mobile phone after 7 pm. So three hours before sleeping, I had to put my phone down. The second thing was to wake up, go into the garden and walk barefoot on the grass. And the third thing as he made me cut refined sugar out of my life completely.”

Dia further revealed things like having a foot fetish, loving perfumes and having OCD in a game round on the show.

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