Jothe Jotheyali Written Update 11 September 2020: Meera Cries About Arya

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September 10, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Arya begins to pretend as though Anu is standing right in front of him. He begins to practice the way that he will confess his feelings and how he has to tell her that he is in love with her. He also tries different ways while making sure that he has decorated the place in the best way possible. He also thinks of the kind of words he should use and is filled to the brim with excitement.

In this episode, Anu and Arya have several romantic moments. Arya shows her around his house and they speak about his family members. Anu also asks him if they will be at home that day as she thinks of confessing her feelings in private. Arya also asks her how she likes the house, to which she thinks that she wants to live with him till the end of time in the same house. Arya also thinks that he would love this house even more if Anu were in it till the end of time. They have another romantic moment.

Elsewhere, Jhende and Meera are having a conversation in the office. Jhende tells her that she should not have any hope with regard to Arya as he will be confessing his feelings to Anu on that day. Meera is taken aback and does not believe Jhende. She tears up and tells him that something like that is not a joke to make as she is seriously in love with Arya. Jhende tells her that there is an 18-year gap between Arya and her while there is a 25-year gap between Anu and him. However, he has chosen to spend his life with Anu instead of her. Jhende leaves and Meera begins to cry about how she can never be with Arya.

Arya and Anu

As for Anu and Arya, he begins to talk to her about how he feels with regard to her. He also gifts her a saree and they have a conversation wherein she tells him that Rajanandhini is a beautiful name and she has always felt a certain nostalgic feeling every time she has heard that name. Arya feels very sad while she is speaking. She also asks him how he came to discovering this name as it is so beautiful and she loves the fact that she gets a sense of familiarity. Finally, when Arya decides to speak, he tells her that Rajanandhini used to be his wife. Anu is taken by surprise.

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